In Trump's Reaction to Mass Shootings, Red Flags Everywhere



How about Antifa's ideology's and leftist ideology's influence in Dayton's shooter's motives? That seems to be fuse-lighting and acceleration to "direct action"? No? Don't want to talk about that one? Lol


If you shoot up a bar because your sister is dating a black man, you're not very good at being a leftist.


Curious, who is "Baido" O'Rourke?


He was in band that celebrated raping, torturing, and killing women; he had a hitlist in highschool of the women he was gonna rape and the students he was gonna kill.

I'm sorry, TeeHeeHeeoh,tosix-nine!, but he seems much
more of the Neocon/Neonazi type/persuasion to me.


He also didn't write a pre-shooting manifesto quoting Elizabeth Warren outlining why and where he was going to shoot his sister and a bunch of black guys nor is there an evidence whatsoever of a political motive unlike the El Paso dirtbag.


Well, I learned about Bob Fosse from the podcast today. Thanks, guys! My only knowledge of him had come from a very brief reference in The Birdcage, from Robin Williams' character.


@1 Laughing Boy: If you keep nuking yourself on high, there won't be any vital brain tissue left. Is that your point?
@4 kristofarian, @5 ProfessorHistory, and @6 Knat: Thank you and bless you all.


And to no one's surprise, the left defends the murder of innocent people by the Antifa leftist because he is a part of their tribe. :). Lovely. "More like Neocon/neonazi". Hahahahahhaa! :) The guy clearly supported Antifa and it has the evidence of years of logs of his social media accounts to prove it. Nice try, pumpkin. :) Defending your own no matter what eh? Lol. If the left didn't have double standards they wouldn't have any standards at all.


1: Clearly, the "leftist" stuff he wrote was bullshit. Nobody on the actual left ever thought you could start a socialist revolution by murdering black people and your own sister.


@9 Oh yes they have. That goes back waaaaay to the good old days when KKK Demokkkrats lynched blacks. That's one.

Two, the argument of "no one on the left doing that" is complete denial. It's like me saying "no one on the right has ever done that". Dumb fuck.


@9. Oh look! Even today there was a shooting in San Antonio at ICE offices! One more example of leftist rhetoric turning violent. "Because no one on the left would do that". Lol. Dumb fuck.


@10: Even the GOP doesn't argue that the Klan was part of "the Left". In the 19th Century, the Democratic Party was the right-wing party in the U.S., and the GOP was, for a short time at least, the progressive party. What part of "it's right-wing to support slavery and Jim Crow and left wing to oppose those things" do you not understand, troll?


And that shooting looks false flag. It was at 1:30 in the morning. The shooter fired into an office where no one was, thus guaranteeing no injuries. It's the sort of thing an ICE guy would do to push for a crackdown on protesters.