Why Elizabeth Warren Is Surging in the Democratic Primary



Fortunately for Warren, the "Pocahontas" thing emerged last year, and is old news now. It's about as exciting as watching reruns of Beto at Whataburger.
Trump will keep using that as his go-to insult for Warren, but it has already gotten stale.


Speedboat and Eve’s Hollywood are both great!


No, she hasn't a chance.


@1 pat L: Agreed and seconded. May 2020 be the year of the first WOMAN U.S. PRESIDENT as #46 (Hillary Clinton rightfully was #45).
@3: Take your ridiculous MAGA cap off before your head caves in.


Elizabeth is in her own ways every bit as flawed as Hillary was;
she is the dream opponent for The Prersident.
ProTip: picking candidates for high office based on what is in their knickers is a losing strategy...


I would have to imagine that it is because people are finally starting to realize that Biden is a senile old creeper.


Hell, I'll gladly sell trumpfy Greenland but

Owning the Libs at ALL FUCKING COSTS
including your very own fucking Planet



@6. Nah. We both know that Democrats have no standards. It's "believewomen" unless their own candidate gropes them, of course.

As far as Pocahontas goes, she is ahead of Biden simply because she is playing her women privilege which, naturally, outweighs the "straight, white male", by identitarian "oppression" hierarchy. On top of that she is also trans-racial "american native". Lol.

@4. I think you ar having hallucinations again from your meth binge. Reality check, for ya: Trump will win by a landslide. Put some more tinfoil on your head, that might help.


@8: ...said the troll on laughing gas with his MAGA cap on too tight. Is your head starting to hurt from all the anonymous sign-in names you feel you need to conjure up? Take a break and stick your head in a microwave, TeeHee. Then nuke yourself on high. You don't really need what vital brain tissue you have left, do you? Don't forget the tin foil around your pointed head, and remember to stick a stainless steel fork into the closest electric socket. Life's all shits and giggles, isn't it?


@8: How old are you, TeeHee--twelve? No wonder your mom still packs your lunch.
Let me guess: PB&J with the crusts cut off, Chili cheese Fritos, YooHoo, and Twinkies?
It's no surprise, either, that you have so little brain tissue left.