What Pelosi's ITMFA Moment Means for Democrats and Trump



trumpfy gone via tax evasion works for me.
Barr impeached and Pence gone too'd
be Superior.

'Kids' gotta VOTE --
I'd hate to see something happen
to your nice little planet there, folks....


@1 kristofarian for the WIN!

Here is my favorite long-anticipated scenario:

Trumpty Dumpty shot nine holes
Along with all its usual trolls.
One thing they missed while putting in the swamp:
Wally Gator nailed Trumpfy with one final chomp.

Dencey Pencey, Kavanaugh and Mooch
Finally realized they'd screwed their pooch.
Sinking deeper into the muck,
They prayed to be saved with no such luck.

The State of Florida called an emergency
As the Atlantic coast swept into the sea.
Every last RepubliKKKan was heard to squeal
While the alligators were treated to a hefty meal.