Is the US Supreme Court About to Roll Back LGBT Rights?



Ellen enjoying a sky box view of a Dallas Cowboys game with 'W and Laura was a delight for all LGTQ+ people. Full stop.


Ellen and Bush serve as a gross reminder that the divide in our country is not right and left but the elite and everyone else. That she speaks of him as though he is just any old idiot with shitty beliefs and not a former president who — among many terrible things — used ellen’s identity as a wedge issue to drive conservatives to the polls (ah, the good old days when conservatives couldn’t get enough “identity politics”) goes to show how detached she is, no matter how “relatable” she may be.

And i think it’s ok to be polite to people with different views, even presidents with disastrous records, and who knows, maybe they have had a heart to heart about his cynical use of gay rights. But without that information, her lecture about getting along is entirely beside her critics’ point. I don’t need a lecture in civility but bush definitely deserves one.


It's important to catastrophize everything!


But of course we all have the option to pout and ruminate over the past, as blip is so good at articulating, so I guess I shouldn't have said 'full stop'.


Thank you for underlining my point. It’s not about ruminating over the past because we’re still living with the consequences of bush’s failures (with the notable exception of everyone who died on 9/11 and in his failed wars of course), which is why ellen’s lecture rings hollow. A president isn’t just your racist uncle, he’s a person who leaves a lasting imprint on the entire planet, and it’s insulting to anyone with a brain for ellen to swerve around that point so she could condescend to her audience.


Is your argument the same for Michelle Obama's friendship with 'W, or is it because Ellen is gay that the event is such a transgression?


At The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert on MTV, Elton John performed onstage with Axl Rose. The former had recently decided to stop claiming that he was bisexual and simply state that he was only into other men. Having an ego the size of his record sales, he also decided he was he spokesperson of the community he had up until now refused to admit he was a part of. The latter had released a song with homophobic lyrics on an album with homophobic phrases printed on the front cover. Facing backlash from just about everyone, he decided his penance would be to kiss the ring of the newly self-appointed Queen of All Gays, at a concert dedicated to the memory of a man who denied he was gay until the day he died, and refused to leave even a penny to his boyfriend of many years, whom he had kept hidden in the closet the whole time.

This bizarre spectacle was one thing I was constantly asked to comment on by my straight friends.

Years later, the Gay Pope decided to perform with Eminem to publicly absolve the latter of his lyrical sins. Again, straight friends wanted to know if I accepted Her Holinesses command to forgive Mr Mathers.

I guess Ellen is the lesbian version of Sir Elton.

I’ve never spent a dime on any of the music of Elton John, Freddie Mercury, Axl Rose or Eminem. I have never spent a dime on any product associated with Ellen Degeneres. I honestly don’t give a fuck about any of them. I just have different tastes, I guess, as the former four just never interested my musically, and the latter one strikes me as about as perhaps mildly amusing on occasion but never actually funny. Further, none of these people are leaders. They have never arranged a boycott or a referendum or a ballot measure. They’ve never run for office or as far as I know supported a campaign. I’ve never seen any of them lead a march or a demonstration. I honestly cannot tell you what their politics are. They’re celebrities and entertainers. That’s not the same thing as a civil rights leader.

I think they’ve all got way too much money, and none of them are really all that interesting. If any of them died, I don’t think I’d care.

So what does it matter who they pal around with?


6 my argument has nothing to do with their friendship, i already said idgaf about that, it’s the patronizing lecture from ellen that completely avoided the substance of the criticism she received


The Elites don't have political convictions; they have political instincts. This is Ellen's bid to supplant Oprah's place as America's moral rehab queen.