Farewell, "Cop" Kamala



According to the FEC, Harris’ campaign still has 10 million in cash on hand. No other candidate has dropped out with that much money in the campaign coffers.

This was the last day she could withdraw from the race without appearing on the California ballot. To lose the CA Presidential primary could have worked against her re-election bid for Senate. She can now make a credible run for re-election and has the money to beat any challenger.


Many secrets...and many truths have been revealed in this reading. Whether or not you choose to act on them is up to you, but I would advise you to reflect deeply, for we can only conquer our shortcomings by accepting them first...


Yes, exactly!
And God knows there are enough money-fueled nut job Republicans who would love to run against her!


@1 Wandering Stars & @3 patL: It sounds like Kamala Harris made a wise move. I'll miss her in the 2020 Presidential campaign, though.
@2 What are you babbling about?


Always seemed a little off to me. Bye, Kamala!


I agree with the argument that the dems should drag this investigation out as long as possible, so Trump's illegal behavior can be hammered into "undecided" voters for nearly a year. I was making the same argument myself months ago (though I don't believe it was here on Slog). The fact that Trump is bellowing for the dems to hurry up and impeach him is all the evidence needed that it's the best course of action. And the longer it goes, the longer it becomes clear that Trump's cronies are refusing to testify because there's no real defense to offer.

I did not know that the "high" context was in reference to the office of the one accused of the crime. It certainly seems to be in reference to the crime, in the way it's written in the Constitution. I wish Rich had sourced that when he mentioned it.

@2: You forgot to copy the ENTIRE passage you're supposed to be spamming here. I'd insult you, but I suspect you don't speak English well enough to understand it.


@7 Sir Toby: Warren / Harris. I like your thinking.


Harris has a horrific record as a prosecutor. Keeping people in prison well past the date of their release for their prison labor. Incarcerating poor parents because their children were truant. Not releasing an 80 year old man who should have been released. And convicting poor people over very minor offenses and many of whom are innocent. She certainly is no friend to people of color and poor people in general. Chase is right she is a cop and stands for the status quo.

She shouldn’t be allowed to run for dog catcher.


If there are lessons to be drawn from the end of the Harris campaign, they are:

1) If you are a person of color and you want to be president, DON'T spend most of your career prosecuting other people of color for minor drug offences under the racist, classist "three strikes" laws. People of color won't forgive you; white people won't reward you.

2) If you are a woman of color running to be president, you know your campaign is over when you're losing, among women of color, to the old white dude who threw Anita Hill under the bus.