Episode 227 asks whether we'll be doing this whole impeachment thing again soon. Plus: online hate for Buttigieg and in-person love for Cats and Little Women. Drew Angerer / Getty Images



I don't care if we have to impeach Trump a dozen times: it ain't moving the needle back in his favor.

Here's a map translating Trump's approval ratings into Electoral College votes:

The Dems have an over 100 Electoral College vote margin over Trump.



Maybe the reason why "Little Women" didn't get much excitement in the awards crowd, despite having Meryl Streep in it, is that it's been done so many times before. Both Kathryn Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor were in various versions, dating back to the 1930's. Jasmyne mentioned that there were eight versions, and that might not even include some of the made-for-tv versions.

Don't get me wrong: I've always loved that book, and I've enjoyed the movie versions that I've seen. I'll probably go see this one, but it's not exactly the new kid on the block.


2- a star is born was also remade a bunch of times, once with a canonical performance by Streisand. but it was nominated last year for golden globes and oscars, including best pic for both. Except a man directed and produced the last version.


so i don't buy that it's already been remade as a reason to leave out Little Women out of the globes, when a star is born has awards with judy garland in one version and streisand in another.


Miko it was also a musical that starred Lady Gaga, Not a 19th century costume drama.

(And the Streisand version of “A Star Is Born” was hardly canonical. It was a huge money maker, but it was dreck).

The Golden Globes have a long history of being trashy, and the Oscar nominations aren’t released yet. It might do better there, considering Meryl Streep’s involvement.


good points Catalina!


I'd love to have Trumpty Dumpty and its Evil Empire beheaded, charbecued over an open flame, and tossed to the alligators.


@7 No alligator deserves that level of poisoning.


@8 AlaskanbutnotSeanParnell: You've got me there. Alligators need fresh water to survive.
I have what should be a much better idea: How about we instead feed the entire Trumpty Dumpty Dencey Pencey Evil Empire, including their lawyers, lackeys, lobbyists, trophy bimbos and bitches, down to the snottiest of heirs to grotesque mutant sewer rats, and hurtle them into outer space one way in industrial sized trash bags?


@9 Shouldn't the mutant sewer rat takeover of Washington, D.C. be coming soon? Gurgling up in Trump Toilets---no matter how many times it flushes! Not even its Russian yes-men will be able to save the Orange Cheeto from its Great Fall.
To Trumpty and its minions I say,


Though I do like the book, I've avoided Ms Streep's work since she ruined The Hours. I've seen perhaps four versions, and would say that the better ones permit one to dislike one sister.


Willard 2020: the Rat Patrol is coming to Trumpty Dumpty's Oval Outhouse soon.

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