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Obviously Warren/Sanders or Sanders/Warren with Inslee and Castro in cabinet.

Biden can be the US Ambassador to Scotland.


It should be Warren. But Biden/Harris (or Harris as AG) wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.


I don't get why Biden seems to be considered the "safe" choice for democrats. In polls matched against Trump, Biden does well, mostly because he the most well known, I think. He's definitely not the best campaigner. He's lost past bids for president because he's a walking gaff factory. Like Bernie, he's well past he sell-by date. Of all of them, I actually think Biden would do the worst head-to-head against Trump, and most likely to fuck it up and lose. Or at least that's my fear. I do have to agree with Dan, however. Biden has remained at the top of the polls throughout the entire primary season so far, and nothing seems to have changed that significantly, and he seems most likely to be the candidate at this point. Which worries me.


The US Virgin Islands is suing the Epstein estate because of all the raping. Even after it comes out during discovery how often trump was there Biden would still lose to him. Not sure if Bernie or Warren can win but at least they have some ideas instead of begging republicans not to be evil.


@4: And generally, Bernie does just as well as Biden, if not better. Biden isn't any more electable than any of the other top six candidates.


Today, while making fun of Amy Klobuchar for blanking on the name of the governor of Kansas, Rich Smith revealed that (1) he doesn't know who that governor defeated in her race and (2) he doesn't know how to pronounce Klobuchar's name. So, color me impressed.


Bernie and Warren have no chance against Trump. None of the "woke socialists" can win.


@8 -- But only a Centrist/Capitalist NeoLib can?
See: Al Gore
See: John Kerry
See also: Hillary Clinton

Thanks for the 'help.'
(How long have you been a DNCer?)


See: How Corporate Media Failed the Democratic Debate Again

"Tuesday night’s Democratic debate with six of the top candidates vying for voters hearts and minds, was the last one before the Iowa caucuses. As Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders surged ahead in polls in spite of corporate media’s negative coverage or lack of coverage, he continued to be targeted on Tuesday night – not as much by his fellow candidates but by the hosts from CNN and the Des Moines Register.

Among the issues that came up was Senator Elizabeth Warren’s assertion that Sanders privately told her in 2018 a woman couldn’t win the White House. Although there was some tension between the two candidates, neither appeared to take CNN’s bait directly.

CNN continued to echo right wing talking points on the other issues that were raised including on foreign policy, trade, and healthcare."

Hear: Rising Up With Sonali
On: KBCS 91.3 FM @ 5am weekdays.
She's Awesome.

Don't forget Amy Goodman's brilliant (NON-Corporate) Democracy Now!
6am and 8am on KBCS 91.3 FM

And the Thom Hartmann Program -- Progressive politics/call-in, with one of the most well-Informed, progressive Hosts on the Air
9 til Noon on KBCS 91.3FM



@9 I have never been a DNCer. I was a Republican until Trump and now consider myself an independent. If the Democrats nominate Biden or someone sane, I will vote for him/her. I will never vote for Bernie or Warren or any of those socialist jokers. Buttigieg would make a good VP, but he needs more seasoning. I would vote for Bloomberg, but reluctantly.

Bernie. And. Warren. Have. No. Chance.


@11: You are saying, in essence, that you will ONLY vote for Democrat if that Democrat agrees to make only tiny, trivial changes around the edges of the status quo.

Why would you be reluctant about Bloomberg, btw? He seems like your dream candidate?

BTW, it's only your opinion that Bernie would have no chance. It's not an unchallengeable assertion.

Democrats can't win if they once again make a big, overblown point of positioning themselves as the "we're NOT liberal" party, while spending the whole primary de-legitimizing the insurgent candidate(s?) and leaving the economic justice advocates out in the cold. That didn't work in 1968...it didn't work in 1980...it didn't work in 1984...it didn't work in 1988. And Obama won in 2008 by rejecting that template and running in the fall as a clear progressive. It wasn't until after he was elected as a progressive that he ditched the Obama movement-telling them to shut up and go away until the next election and making it clear they'd have no say or influence in anything his administration did on policy or strategy-,chose a cabinet of almost all centrists-only the Labor Secretary was a progressive-and watered his agenda down to nearly nothing before he submitted it to Congress, thus guaranteeing his party would lose badly in the 2010 midterms by due to the mass abstentions at the polls his post-election approach provoked among progressives.

If Obama had actually stayed true to the message of his campaign once in office, the GOP takeover of Congress would never have happened.

And if Hillary had acknowledged the validity of the basic ideas of the Sanders movement in her fall campaign, made a real effort to reach out to and engage his supporters, welcoming them into the party and making it clear that she'd be ok with them working within the Democratic Party for what they wanted, she would be president now. She lost the battleground states because she talked down to the Sanders people, especially the young people who were new to partisan politics, and simply demanded their votes as though they were owed to her.
She ran the kind of campaign Democrats need to never run again-and if Biden or Buttigieg or Klobuchar are nominated, we can assume any of them will run exactly the same damn campaign and therefore we can assume any of them will lose. Nothing that failed in 2016 could possibly work in 2020.


@11 -- "I was a Republican until Trump and
now consider myself an independent."

Oh, an Independent?
Well, Swifty, you're in Luck!
see: US Senator Bernard Sanders (I) (as in Independent) (VT).

see also @12.
See also also FDR -- the last Progressive we had
So Successful Repubs had to pass a Law limiting
the Prez to just Two terms.

Not to Worry:
trumpfy's gonna Executive Fiat that sumbitch
and let his kids take over when he goes off
to those Great Golden Arches in the Sky.


@13: And the term limit law came back to bite the GOP big time: Eisenhower would almost certainly have won a third term against any Dem, and, had his health held up, perhaps a fourth(he lived long enough to have served two more terms.


I can't believe that the idea of a Harris nomination would be seriously entertained in Seattle. As AG, she helped let Mnuchin go free after he illegally foreclosed mortgages on low-income families and veterans. If he had been thrown into prison, we'd have a much different and better country than we have today.

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