Question: What's Trump Allowed to Do to Stay in Power? (Answer: Anything He Wants.)



I say, since these corrupt bastards, their lawyers, lobbyists, enablers, yes-men, trophy bitches, bimbos, and snot-nosed brats all love the 2nd Amendment SO much, they can all face a firing squad. Then we'd finally be done with them.


I think, auntie, that following Mr. Dershowitz’ model we could take them all out and aver sincerely that it is the best interests of our country.


Motherfucker's gonna die one day. I look forward to the Democrats being allowed to doing whatever they want to make sure that Republicans never see power again. Funny how they believe the precedent they are setting won't apply when they lose the power. I pity anyone young or with young children. At least I'll be dead soon. My only hope is that I get to see Trump die first.


PS, I'm with you @1. Every last one of them should be shot.


The executive branch has been thumbing its nose at the legislative branch for decades, but Trump and his Republican enablers are about to take the Constitution out behind the woodshed and drive a stake through its undead heart. Welcome to Turkey/Philippines/Russia-style “democracy.”


Republicans are horrible people.


@3 & @4 xina: Amen, sister!
@6 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Agreed and seconded.


If he somehow manages to pull this thing Off...
If you think he was Bad, before . . . obtw
you womenfolk might wanna wear a
Chastity Belt, you go out in Public...

Pussy Grabbin' is gonna be Legalized
starting in 2021. The Decade of trump
he'll (We'll) soon be calling it.

(He's already talking about owning people).
[he'd Never go that far]!


@3: "Funny how they believe the precedent they are setting won't apply when they lose the power."

That's the thing: they don't think they WILL lose power again.

Recall that when Obama won, the GOP was stunned all around because they thought they'd ALREADY locked up a permanent GOP future to follow W. The Citizens United v FEC decision has been paying colossal dividends into (primarily) GOP and GOP-friendly coffers, and now that they've starved the FEC of members, and the current batch of republicans being nothing but lapdogs, I don't know what will be left to stop them from doing it this time.

Hopefully America will come to its senses and kick the GOP out of every branch of government in 2020, but if they don't, there might not be another opportunity to stop them.


@8: kristofarian: If Trumpty Dumpty ever tried to own me, I'd willingly face prison time by cutting its filthy, putrid dick off and ramming it down its ugly throat. Men from all walks of life just don't get it. Heterosexual sex has graver consequences for women and girls than for men and boys.
I thought I knew you better than that!


I know you would, auntie Gee
and I can Appreciate the sentiment
but please don't think my putting
it out there is in ANY way
an Endorsement.


@11 kristofarian: Thank you, kris. I guess there are times when I totally miss your intentional sarcasm, meant to prove a point.


Totally okay, auntie Gee
sometimes I miss it too...