Episode 235 talks about Bernie's latest losses and the coronavirus pandemic, then takes a call from a listener with opinions about Bernie and black voters. Scott Eisen / Getty Images



I'm going to need a Q-tip after all that Dansplaining :p


Couldn't it just be that socialist revolutionaries, despite all the noise they make online, are actually a minority in the democratic party?



Yeah, Dan explained why we needed to invade Iraq, too. Take it with a grain of salt.


I'm not surprised that most Democratic voters would rather nominate an actual party member than acquiesce to an outside takeover. What really seems to have happened is that the establishment Ds learned from the errors of the establishment Rs last time. Mr Sanders might well have been nominated had four or six at least marginally viable candidates stayed in for most of the ride. (Sanders:Trump/Cruz:Biden/Kasich:Warren/Rubio:Buttigieg, or something similar.) As for Mr Savage, who seems at times to revel in the Ds taking him for granted, he has to gird himself up for a series of weekly (or more frequent) sermons in which he'll have to throw in everything and the kitchen sink to create artificial support for a DOMA-pusher without alienating too much of his own base. That isn't a task I'd like to see a friend having to undertake.


Bernie is melting down because his proposed policies are from Fantasy Island. He would have zero chance against Trump. At last with Biden you have a shot.



COVID kills old people. Trump is leading the national response to COVID. Young people may vote less often than old people, but with trump as POTUS, there aren’t gonna be any old people left by November.



I’ve seen this movie before. My teenage years. An incompetent bungler in the White House, an epidemic that killed all my friends, and a conservative Democrat lined up to replace him, all this shit is so goddamn familiar.

History repeats itself, first as a tragedy, then as farce.


Maybe hes failing because if he succeeded people like Betsy DeVos couldn't purchase that 18th yacht so they pay a few college kids 6 figures to wear diapers and run around campus with small arms so the government doesn't have to pay for physical therapy when their gardener throws his back out.
Do you want Mexicans to have sick leave or Don Jr to shoot Harambe? Cant be both.


Bernie fans only make memes and yell at people online, they do not bother to actually go vote.

Also, Biden is the Obama guy, and Bernie Sanders is and old Jewish guy who looks like a crazy evil landlord from an 80's movie. Bernie was never going to get the black vote, which is a necessity for anyone running as a Dem. You may not notice it over in Whiteopia, but the black community and the Jewish community do not get along.


@10: You'll be dead by November? My condolences.


A friend of mine from Boston, who voted for Warren, had this to say about Sanders:

Bernie himself isn't a terrible person, just an overgrown student activist with a limited intellect. But dangerously delusional dipshits are his legacy.



Raindrop, I’ve never wished death upon you. I’ve gone out of my way to respect you personally. Don’t make me regret that.


@21, He isn't wishing death on you, he's calling you old.


@20. Your townie friends couldn't even win MA for Warren, yet they claim to be authorities on Bernie's intellect?


@21: What @22 said. You described that you grew up in the 60s or 70s, which makes you a late boomer if not a gen Xer.

Yes, you're old.

Avoid boomerangs.


All this because far too many in the deeply divided States are too chickenshit to ever elect a well qualified WOMAN President of the United States.

@23 Garb Garbler: That is what amazes me most of all---Senator Elizabeth Warren couldn't win in her own represented state! WTF, Massachusetts?
@19 & @24: And ---surprise!!----you're still a trolling doofus. Avoid staring into your phone, sugarlips.


People want a universal single payer health program that every other industrial country has.
People are tired of drowning in student debt which they can’t pay off for 30 years.
Three people own approximately half the wealth while millions live in poverty. Those are some of the issues that were brought up by the Bernie camp.

However the DNC can’t have the corporate elite paying their fair share and did whatever they and their flunkies could do to block this from happening. People had to wait for hours in other states to vote and sites were closed before they could get there. The MSM did all they could to BS people about the progressive movement and Bernie.

Biden, Klobuchar, Buttigeig etc. are deeply flawed and corrupt. The truth about their political histories are deeply racist and cold blooded opportunist. It only takes some investigation to find out the truth. Bernie has a history of fighting for ordinary people’s needs. But that is not what the corrupt democratic party is about.

Sadly Biden is suffering from signs of dementia and Trump is insane.

You can try to prop these corrupt phonies all you can but sooner or later it is all going to come tumbling down.


@23 - Just because Warren didn't take MA doesn't make @20's friends wrong about Bernie. In fact these two things have nothing to do with each other, except maybe in your mind.

I'm originally from New England, where that's a pretty common sentiment about Bernie and the so-called Bernie Bros.


@26 - any vote that's not for the dem nominee is a vote for Trump. In a two party system that's just how the math works. So vote for Bernie if you like, just understand that you're really voting for Trump.



Jokes on you for knocking down my straw man; I just wanted an excuse to call them townies.


It’s very simple: Trump is a fascist, but he doesn’t market himself as a fascist, because he knows that’s an unpopular label. By contrast, Sanders chooses to market himself as a socialist, then is puzzled why he has so much trouble getting votes from older people (who remember the Cold War).



Apocryphal claim 1.
Apocryphal claim 2.

Non sequitur.


Because there are Nazis supporting him at his rally. Always knew Dems were and still are racist Nazis. No wonder his campaign staff wants to create concentration camps (gulags) and enforce "re education". Just like Nazis did.


@33: Just STFU, already. Here's hoping coronavirus takes you down if your chronic MAGAvirus doesn't already.


Why is Bernie losing? I'm looking for a biography of all the presidents who were elected by under-30 voters. You know them--President McGovern, President Dukakis, President Gore, President Kerry. But I just can't find the book.


@34. Shut your toothless crack whore mouth, Nazi.

P.s. already had Wuhan virus. :) Went through it, and glad I did. Because now I know how insanely strong my immune system is. So building up immunity! :) But thank you for your kind thoughts, Nazi fash.


@29 - Pretty pathetic, childish even, excuse for using a non sequitur strawman argument but if you prefer to be known as that kind of poster, so be it, your wish is granted.


@36 - Go play with your friends in QAnon. What a nutjob, even for someone from the PNW.


@37. My legacy speaks for itself. But you are right, that was unworthy.

@36. A hyperactive immune system actually gives you a higher chance of developing pneumonia.


ugh, re: the RBG chanting. SCOTUS is already lost for 20 years. all important decisions are 5-4 now, and it doesn’t matter if they run up the score. we will have to do court packing which liberals are unwilling to do.


also, to the caller complaining at the end that bernie (who was arrested protesting school segregation in 1963) didn't speak to her as a black woman, how does joe biden's record on race speak to her instead?




Equal time for Bernie to address the talking points Dan at am parroted, plus sound COVID news.


Et al.

Autocorrect is shit


Welp, that's it, Biden won, 38% or thereabout to 36% or thereabout, by 23,000 votes. And in a state Biden had no presence in, no less.

That doesn't bode well for Trump. After his disastrous handling of Covid-19, the blue wave is starting to look more like a tsunami.

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