But either way it goes, it seems, gays and lesbians get screwed. Black and Latino voters drawn to the polls in California because they were excited about voting for Barack Obama boosted the "yes" vote on Prop 8*. But Democratic voters who stayed away from the polls in Arkansas because they couldn't brings themselves to vote for Barack Obama—dumbfucking crackerass racist piece-of-shit voters—helped to pass that state's new anti-gay adoption law.

Strong opposition to the candidacy of Barack Obama in Arkansas may have helped conservatives pass a measure blocking the adoption of children by unmarried couples.

The measure, which voters overwhelmingly approved Tuesday and which prevents unmarried cohabitating couples from adopting or fostering children, won strong support from conservatives, exit polls found. The ban affects all unmarried couples but was written with the intent of preventing gay couples from raising children in Arkansas.

Unlike most states, Arkansas shifted to the right politically in this election. Senator John McCain won the state by 20 points compared with President Bush’s nine-point victory in 2004.

“I think white Arkansas Democrats felt cross-pressured in this race,” said Jay Barth, a political science professor at Hendrix College, in Conway, Ark. “They didn’t want to vote for what they viewed as Bush’s third term, but they also couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Barack Obama.

“One response was just to bow out of voting, and their absence probably helped this proposal succeed.”

Before the election polls showed Arkansas anti-gay adoption law failing—by nearly 12 points. Bill Clinton urged a "no" vote, as did the state's current governor, as did the state's major newspapers, and its adoption agencies. But evangelicals fired up the bigots in the pews and bigoted Democratic voters stayed home and the ban passed. Good work, bigots. Arkansas has about four thousand children in state care right now, kids who need foster parents and adoptive parents yesterday.

* I don't say this to place blame! African American and Latino voters only helped to pass Prop 8! But it's ultimately the gays who are to blame for Prop 8! It was something we did! Or didn't do! Either way, we're to blame for Prop 8! Totes our fault! And no one is talking about this except for that awful Dan Savage! Thank you for playing Slog!