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Prince is a biblical name.
That big giant perv is an idiot!
I still love Prince's catalog. And my guess is that this comes from a life of being shat on before he got famous.
Well, he's already got quite enough of our money to last him.
Prince is gay as fuck and knows it.
So much for "people say I'm rude, I wish we all were nude, I wish there was no black or white, I wish there were no rules". Hypocrite.
He has mommy issues. Not unreasonable considering he is the love child of Boy George and Gary Coleman.
when dove's cry...the video...jesus, i was only twelve.
When God had "enough," did he sound like Obama in the DNC Nomination Speech?
"sexuality is all we ever need. sexuality, let your body be free." HA!
didn't he have a song called "Joint to Joint"? somewhere in the 90s?
Ugh. Bummer. What an asshole.
What a fucking loser. Of all the people to be casting stones...
Are you KIDDING ME? The guy who Rolling Stone described as a 5'1" gonad in a purple jumpsuit, who did "Sexy Motherfucker" & "Darlin' Nikki", is now Bible-brainwashed..? That's sad. His music fueled some pretty serious makeout sessions in my past. I know you should separate the art from the artist, but money = power, & I can't empower a bigot & feel good about it. Ugh.
Not surprising at all. Remember, looking for the purple banana is an act decried as getting "crazy" and "nuts" since 1984.
This would be painful if Prince was relevant.
prince isn't gay?
that midget is a jehovah's witness now, so it doesn't surprise me. glad i never bought that gnome's albums.

"He was, like, ‘Enough.’"

how eloquent.

What a douche.
God also says not to have pre-marital sex.

And is Prince trying to tell us he's against anal sex? Isn't that the "wherever" he's referring to.

This coming from a man who's claimed he doesn't believe in "time".
You've got to be fucking kidding. What a twit, the JWs can have him.
Hypocrite, thy name is Prince...

So, can fags and fagettes get refunds from him for giving him so much money over the years?

You'd think he wouldn't want our tainted, sodomy stained money...
I never cared what he sang let alone what he said. Little weasel.
Prince, the artist formerly known at Yusuf Islam.
He's a no talent ass-clown anyhow. Also, if it weren't for gays, he'd only be half as popular. We all know he'll never lose his 30+, chubby women fans.
Because I know whenever I think of unambiguously masculine heterosexuality, I think of Prince.

"Have U ever been so lonely
That U felt like U were the only one in this world?
Have U ever wanted 2 play with someone so much
U'd take any one boy or girl?"

~ Prince
@23 "And is Prince trying to tell us he's against anal sex? Isn't that the "wherever" he's referring to.

This coming from a man who's claimed he doesn't believe in "time"."

...not to mention coming from a man who's penned such lyrics as "I've got more holes than a golf course."
"And, like, God was all totally, like, "enough!". Now if you'll excuse me, I need to touch up my eyeliner and lint-brush my assless purple suede chaps before the encore of "If I Was Your Girlfriend."
Come out of the closet already you self-hatred wallowing little dwarf!
Ignoring what Prince has to say about religion has been a major part of being a Prince fan since the beginning of his career. This is just the most personally offensive example, but it won't make me delete the 19 Prince albums in my iPod.

But yeah, he's a bonehead.
wait, you're telling me Prince is not gay? wtf really?
It's always people who have done FAR TOO MUCH BLOW that get all religious. Vanity aka the Evangelist Denise Matthews for example. Lesson learned: All things in moderation and let the good times last longer - I don't want to turn into a religious freak like that.
This is erroneous. Prince never said this. The interviewer didn't even use a recorder:

"Prince is very angry he was misquoted".…
Also, as a (brilliant) commenter on Towleroad said re: Prince's most recent proclamation: "To quote Addison DeWitt, you're too short for that gesture."
This from the guy who did shadow puppet of himself jerking off in his show at the Superbowl?!!??
He's now claiming to have been misquoted (of course, because we all know how sloppy the New Yorker can be.)…
So Prince is basically like so many others who are willing to "quote" the bible without ever having actually read it...
If this is true, then God ruins everything.

Remember 'Sister' (from Dirty Mind)?!!

She showed me where it's supposed 2 go
A blowjob doesn't mean blow
Incest is everything it's said 2 be!

I'm with you, David @33. I might just listen to this stuff LOUDER from now on.
I've heard some second hand (friends of friends doing session work at Paisley Park Studios) anecdotes that Price actually has some pretty severe issues in regards to sexuality. I don't mean assless pants, but more to the tune of remodeling bathrooms so urinals are more private, etc.

Anyhow, why don't Christians ever study the Bible? A more accurate interpretation of the lore of the city of Sodom never stressed homosexuality as an important element of the town's destruction, but rather the city's inhabitance being self serving, xenophobic, and hostile to the hungry and poor, and to strangers - even hostile to those that are kind to outsiders. Prince should really look into it.

for fuck sake Prince, what an ass
The day prince stops wearing mixed material clothing is the day he can start telling us about Leviticus. Until then, the dude's the same idiot he's always been. A shitty musician with stupid songs whose fans can't quite manage to conceal that they're completely fucking retarded.

His music was never good, he was never interesting. His cultural relevance is the same as Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson... Just a marketing gimmick from the start.

Is it any wonder that an idiot says idiotic things? I'm not surprised. He's been saying them since the beginning.
Ahem, Sodom and Gommorah were Summerian cities, I believe. Priestesses (with the King) were required to re-enact the "consummation of the sacred marriage" of the moon-god (Nanna of Ur) and his wife (Ningal), but they weren't allowed to get pregnant. So, yes, there was sodomy in Sodom, but it wasn't between teh geighs.
I thought Prince was gay. As a heterosexual, I think I speak for all of us, we don't want him.
Prince is more self-hating than Michael Jackson, and that is fucking scary.

I am so glad I haven't given that moron ANY of my money.
Using Perez Hilton as a way to "update" Prince's statement? PRN has been mentioning how he's a JW since the early 1990's. Believes in a faith where its founder predicted the end of the world a few times in his lifetime, which ended in 1916. It might be fun to slam a door in Prince's face when he comes a-witnessing.
Christians don't want him either.
He's not a woman. He's not a man. He is something you will never understand.
Ok everyone hold up! Even Bob Dylan went born again for a little bit, though probably not a homophobe. Please everyone pray that it's just a phase. Pray and pray hard. Pray like you were Prince giving Jesus a lap dance.
There's a limit to how much you can complain about being misquoted when you refuse to let reporters use tape recorders (as he has for years). Srsly.

I'm a big fan -- hence the Prince-related handle -- but the man lost his damned mind, as well as his ability to write a decent song, around the time he became a Jehovah's Witness.

I have no trouble believing that he is a bigot. Doubt he used the exact words in the article, because they just don't sound like him, but don't doubt that the reporter got the jist of it. The man is genderqueer and has never really known how to cope with that. Add that to the religion bit, and. . . gross.
"Am I black or white?
Am I straight or gay?"

(from "Controversy")
JW are tools. misogynistic tools, to be specific. not that he wasn't always the latter, but that would prime him for conversion to the former, i guess.

ah well. got a couple good songs out of him, anyway. (misquoted, maybe. misunderstood? not as likely.)
And then on the opposite end of the spectrum you've got blue, you've got the Democrats, and they're, like, 'You can do whatever you want.' Gay marriage, whatever. But neither of them is right."

When asked about his perspective on social issues--gay marriage, abortion--Prince tapped his Bible and said, "God came to earth and saw people sticking it wherever and doing it with whatever, and he just cleared it all out. He was, like, 'Enough.' "

Oh yeah. TOTALLY misquoted. Well, that clears THAT up, doesn't it?
(Computer says NO...)
Prince is a Certified ass wipe Loser.
Ya'll leave Prince alone.

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