Remember when Tom Cruise went rogue? Remember how he jumped on Oprah's couch, attacked Brooke Shields for taking anti-depressants, tore into Matt Lauer, and had that big-eyed starlet lobotomized and impregnated? Remember the damage his antics did to his career and to Scientology, his batshit religion? And remember how Cruise's behavior empowered critics of Scientology?

I think the Mormon church, with Prop 8, has essentially jumped the couch. There are a lot of very angry, very creative people out there, not all gay, and many of these angry people have long memories and platforms that will allow them to wage asymmetrical cultural warfare against the Mormon church. No Mormon churches should be vandalized and no Mormons should be physically attacked—there should be no violence—but Mormon church had better brace itself for a long period of sustained scrutiny and ridicule.

I don't think the Mormon church has much to fear from scrutiny and ridicule—the Catholic Church has been subject to both for centuries and they're still electing popes, baptizing infants, and raping tweens—but the Mormon church has worked to avoid scrutiny because it knows, deep down, that it was founded by a fraud and that the tenets of its faith don't pass the laugh test. What's worse, fundamentalist and evangelical Christians who've been exposed to the tenets of the Mormon faith typically conclude that Mormons aren't Christians—all that stuff about God and Jesus being brothers and becoming a God of your very own planet after you die, etc.

So here's what the Mormon church bought with the $20,000,000 it pumped into the "Yes on Prop 8" campaign: They've infuriated homo and hetero creative types who are now going to drag Mormon beliefs out into the public square, mock them mercilessly and at length, which will entertain the irreligious while also exposing Mormon beliefs to fundamentalists and evangelicals who weren't already familiar with them. This should destroy whatever goodwill the Mormons bought with those gauzy "this message brought to you by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" commercials—it should also quickly undo whatever political capital the Mormon church thought it was purchasing with the "base" of the GOP, a.k.a. fundamentalists and evangelicals, which should undermine Mitt Romney's chances of securing the GOP's nomination in 2012 or 2016 or 2000 and ever.

And remember, Magic Underpants Inc., you started it.