Following my article in this week's paper on the Mosaic Community Church's (MCC) recent move to Neumos nightclub on Capitol Hill, the club has decided to terminate their relationship with the church, effective immediately.

MCC—sort of the soft-rock version of Mars Hill—is affiliated with the Waco, Texas-based Antioch Community Church. Antioch's website contains statements lumping homosexuality together with "drug addiction, poverty, pornography, and people unaware of their need for God."

While Pastor Jady Griffin told The Stranger that his church is "open to everyone," several members of the MCC told us that gays would not be accepted at the church.

Following the release of the article, Neumos co-owner Steven Severin pushed Griffin to clarify the church's stance on homosexuality. Severin says he didn't get the answers he was looking for.

"After speaking with [Griffin], I didn’t find enough new information that made me comfortable with what their actual stance [on homosexuality] is," Severin says. "We have to have people who support our community here [and] we’re very careful about who we work with. We decided we’re no longer going to have them here."