A "Savage Love" letter arrived the old fashioned way today—post!—and for purely sentimental reasons it's the SLLOTD.


Here's the text...

I was wondering if you or any of your readers could exaplin why so many women are so defensive with compliments.

I've on several occasions been at the store and have seen some very nice looking women of all size, shapes, color, age, I think you get what I'm so meaning, and I've said to them you have great hips, or other tastefully ways of complimenting them and it seems that a lot of them are offended by it. Now I'm a guy who really likes women, Period, I'm happily married 30 yrs. And my wife and I both flirt and expect it to go no further and if it is invited by the one flirted to we kindly decline as has happened only once to each of us and we flirt even when with each other. We mean no harm in this and we feel if someone is looking at the one your with they must be pretty good + you should be happy about it. We have often complimented the same sex as we are and see nothing wrong with it but it's all the same.

If anyone can answer this it would be appreciated. Enjoy your work.


Oh, Roy! You and your tastefully ways!