That place used to be zilla (sp) toys. I loved going in there as I lived pretty close. I go by this place every day and I didn't even think to ask for a handjob on my way to the UW.

Actually I don't shop at any of the stores/restaurants on madison near mlk because I am not an older woman with cash constantly falling out of my pockets.
Man, I go to the wrong nail salons!
I wish Charles had written this one...
Sounds like the man is stifling free enterprise
the cop couldn't get it up.

cops have issues getting it up.

that's why the beat innocent people and murder their wives.
this is driving me crazy.. what does "No FS" mean in all these massage ads???
@6... full service? That's what the "no full service, only handjob" quote would suggest.

I wonder how officers get assigned to these types of stings. Seems like a pretty nice assignment....
@7 - Seriously. Whenever I read these stories I think about what it must be like to come into work and hear, "Be sure to fill out your time cards today. And Steve, you're going to go to a nail salon, pull out your dick, and let an asian lady stroke it for a while." I'm sure it is evil of me, but I think it's kind of hot.

"I hear this place is restricted, Wang, so don't tell 'em you're Jewish, okay?"
I totally saw the cops busting this place! My friend turned to me and said "I bet they were giving hand jobs in the back" and she was totally right!
damn, those joints in korea were off limits to the military guys stationed there.

but not kids of those stationed
$10??!!! That's a bargain!
Seriously... I don't understand why a handjob is considered any different than massaging any other part of the body.
Had I known this was around, I would have gone there weekly!
Well then, Wanky Wang, looks like you just discovered a really easy way to make ten bucks!

Try not to spend it all in one place.
so whats the problem?
This story would approach titillating if the salon weren't staffed with poor, indentured, immigrant women. The day I see a massage parlour staffed with women who have other options is the day I allow my interest to be piqued.
is this business in that lavendar painted house? i've always been suspicious of salons that look anything less than totally spiffy...this place is not totally spiffy.
Thank god they shut this place down! Giving another person an orgasm should be punishable by death!
Wow. In that neighborhood I'm more apt to believe they got busted for ugly signage. (Actually I wouldn't be surprised if that had something to do with it.)
The police ought to be out there protecting others from harm. At a time when Seattle police are claiming they don't have enough officers to adequately patrol the city, why is time and money being wasted on bullshit like this?

And you know damn well the investigators got their "happy ending". Busting poor immigrant women for prostitution after accepting their services is incredibly hypocritical, even for pigs.
If het men can't get any other satisfaction at home, work or play - who cares if they get it at an alleged nail salon? Why do so many people stifle other people's pursuit of happenis? As for the women providing the service, it's the economics, not the morality - and when times get better (for them) they'll sell real estate, run companies and open restaurants.
What's going to happen to those women? I bet most of them were brought here illegally for sex work, and probably abused too.
Let's be honest. You can talk about gay. You can talk about hookers.

The bottom line is -- there are like 3 girls to every 100 dudes in Seattle.

Better Microsoft, Military Bases, Boeing, Cargo Ships and other Y chromosome laden operations, the biggest monopoly here is not in Redmond -- it's the Pooty.
I agree with others here. What a waste of our tax dollars. Clearly our cops are bored and/or horny.
HOW DID THEY GET BUSTED: purple building in a "family" neighborhood, the "neighbors" complained, Seattle police are rolling in the dough and have nothing better to do than get taxpayer paid HJs!

ERGO: if you proffer HJs don't paint your business purple, if you truly are a good neighbor gently offer your opinion on a different exterior color to the business in question, and as for the Seattle cops GO FUCK YOURSELVES!
but but, where will get my Hand jo-- opps I mean nails done now!
THIS is what my tax dollars are spent on??????? While murderers and robbers roam free, the police are wasting their time arresting people for giving handjobs????

If they have nothing better to do, then quite frankly, we should disband the police force and save the money.


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