if this is true, then that's a crap design. skaters & cyclists/joggers/walkers should not cross paths.
If he's interested in help designing a barrier, I'm available. I'm thinking 3" galvanized steel pipe with a 6" rise, placed about 4 ft up the bank?
in before 'bobcat sucks' comments...
You don't want people getting hurt at the Wall of Death... Hunh?
Why does the city hate all that is fun?
I killed the wall of death after running over a little girl on my bicycle. But yeah, blame the skaters.
Poor skaters. Why is there so much injustice in the world? Why???
poor elenchos - posting about shit he knows nothing about... why????

See, there I was trying to empathize with the pain skaters feel and you get angry at me. Why should I even reach out like that if that's the thanks I get?
I can't find anywhere on the net what the rules for traveling on the Burke Gilman Trail. Are wheelchairs allowed?
Nothing a little cold rolled steel pry bar (the kind used in construction) and a basic application of lever principles and a mallet to drive it in couldn't solve in under 5 minutes.

If you had the guts.
Wait, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the Wall of Death originally sit somewhere else then get moved? I distinctly remember some NIMBYism from the early 90's over this thing, wasn't it under I-5 up the hill before? Am I confused?
no, doug the banks you're thinking of are under Ravenna and I-5 - that spot is still there if you can dodge all the hippie buses blocking the run-up. bring a broom and get your shots up-to-date beforehand.

I can't imagine why they wouldn't be if pedestrians are allowed.
FTFA: Baden says he wants to install a new barrier, "but good looking."


"Really really good looking?"

I think Derek Zoolander can help
@5: Liability lawsuits.

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