This reminds me of the last place I worked. Apparently, they got a fax from an unpaid contractor in Portland that read, "I appreciated the tour of your facilities while I was up there. Your space is very nice. Unfortunately, I cannot afford a space like that. You see, I actually pay the people I owe. Maybe you wouldn't be able to afford it either if you paid the people you owed."

My company had some VERY bad business practices that ran it straight into the ground. One of the owners had a house that was featured in the Times or P-I, and featured a wood floor made from imported rainforest wood. Yes, you read that right, he cut down part of a rainforest for his floor.

And, they were a printing company that said they were environmentally friendly, or "Green." We LOL'd.
I can say from experience that Ewing & Clarke real estate are a BUNCH OF SOGGY DOUCHEBAGS.
and a merry christmas to all.

so what is the news

these folks need a GOOD attorney, call Michael Johnson
I wonder who they donated to ...
@2: Ewing & Clarke Real Estate is different from Ewing & Clarke construction (despite having the same logo). At least, it seems we have no chance of getting any money out of the real estate arm, despite being screwed royally by the construction arm. It's all a very shady business.
No matter what the economy is like, you need to be careful doing a remodel or other similar project that you only pay for work as it is completed, not in advance, and and that you have a signed release from your contractor saying that you are not liable if your contractor doesn't pay the subcontractors. Both are standard modes of operating the construction business, even more important in a recession.
I would stop payment on the check...immediately.
We had Ewing and Clark Real Estate funnel all of our major repairs through the construction company. There was quite a bit of money skimming between them, the construction company only did 95% of the work, and the Real Estate company used the excuse of "we're not actually the same company" when pressed to get it done.

Jerks. Fired.

There really aren't that many companies around to manage very large buildings, which kind of sucks, because "the market" isn't weeding out the bad folks.

#7, you must mean that you should get a lien release signed by the subcontractor as a condition of making progress payments to the contractor. Something signed by the general contractor won't impact the rights/claims of a subcontractor at all. All it does is leave you with claims against the GC for contribution which in this situation are probably worthless. That level of precaution isn't standard on relatively minor home remodels, in my experience, but in this economy its a good idea.
I'm so glad that I found this news from a friend. It's quite shocking how many people they ripped off. As a owner of Coast Painting Co. we also did some work for them and finished the job completely and never got paid it. Now I'm out U$ 16.000.00 and I don't they'll ever call me to settle this problem. It's a good thing that I have a lawyer to help me. But for now I'm still struggling...
For other workers and other sub contractors I wish you guys the best and try to get jobs from somebody else or straight from the home owner!
-Ralph C.
Wow... I think this is one of the contractors that works with Service Magic
I am one of the home owners who was screwed by E&C. They are a bunch of liars! The company is family owned and they certainly knew what was up and deffinately had people working knowing they would never pay them. I totally buy that. HOWEVER, I think it is terrible that the subs can go after the homeowners, especially those who have paid 100% of the job cost to E&C. And our job was not even finished! We have to have all of our cabinet faces refinished or replaced after they were trashed by E&C. We had to have our countertops restored--brand new countertops trashed! We put virtually every penny into this remodel and are really struggling with trying to clean up our own mess, just like the couple who was left at 80% job completion. I can appreciate that subs need there money but I had a sub show up on my front porch this morning at 8am demanding payment. This is crazy! E&C has every penny. How on earth is it fair that we now have to pay again!! Well, I don't think it is and, if I am reading the RCW 60.04.031 section 3.b correctly, damn it, we don't have to pay the subs a dime! And, yes, we are hiring an attorney. So, subs, while I understand that your buisness relies on being paid, what kind of person are you that would threaten someone's livelhood, their nest egg, take their home just to settle one job's worth of debt. Have a conscience and a heart. In my case, we are talking about a $7k railing job that this jerk wants to force the sale of my home over. It would literally detroy us. Subs, find a better way. File against their $12k bond or get in line at bankruptcy court with all the subs and homeowners alike. We have all been screwed here. Have a heart and please direct your anger where it belongs--at E&C, not my front porch! Thoughts? Anyone have a good understanding of the aformentioned RCW?
As a Licensed, Bonded and Insured General Contractor I hate to hear this stuff . . . next to the unlicensed "contractors" this take the cake!

Contractors (both Specialty/General) are 9 times out of 10 usually people whom have no business being in business. They lack the proper foundation to run a business as an autonomous entity. They cannot manage finances, employees, taxes, L&I, suppliers or jobs effectively, ultimately leaving real people to bear the burden of there mistakes. Makes me sick! YOU MAKE AN ENTIRE INDUSTRY LOOK LIKE S**T, BECAUSE YOU'RE P.O.S. Shame on you!

JB - You seem very hostile towards people that did work for you, I do understand, but they are in the same position as you. Unfortunately, unless you have very, very deep pockets you'll probably lose a protracted legal affair. Ultimately you may even be on the hook for the attorney fee's. Its funny as you cite an RCW as your cornerstone . . . have you found any case law supporting your position? I have case law showing your RCW is meaningless. I also have seen judgements showing the same. On a brighter side case law does exist to support your position. Email me, I seriously can help.

Well well I just directed my attorney to demand a (5) figure amount on two projects from this fine man . (And just to vent) I got another winner that is into me for over 50K . I wonder if all the subs got to talking together and we threw $500 or so into a pot we could get a real good forensic attorny and pierce his corporate veil to attach his personal assets. And if he co-mingeled his money within his various companies we could go after these assets too . After all it is just a matter of a little more money to make him to explain his actions in a court of law and get his responces on record. Steve

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