I'll believe this when I see it:

burj_dubai_tower.jpg A developer who said he hopes to partner with the Trump Organization of New York on a strikingly tall marquee two-tower condo project in downtown Seattle said he's in serious negotiations to purchase a site for it.

Spencer Alpert of Alpert International said the project would be built in phases, possibly starting in three to five years.

The first tower may rise to 82 stories, higher than Seattle's tallest building, the 76-story Columbia Center, and would include upscale offices and condos, retail and a private club, he said.

“We're able to build a real marquee (project) that would change the Seattle skyline — something that would stand out in the Seattle skyline, but improve on what exists today,” Alpert said.

In this economy, four-to-six story residential construction is barely inching forward; condo towers, the ones that haven't broken ground, are on hold; and new office buildings, depending on how many hundreds of thousands of square feet are freed by Washington Mutual's evacuation, aren't getting built any time soon. So this Trump building—tall, ambitious, and office oriented—is banana-dream pie in the sky.

Via the DJC. Image is of the Burj Dubai Tower.