Or he wants us—me and the boyfriend, together with him, in a great, big, greasy heap. What else could possibly explain the man's sudden obsession with my sex life? Peter unloads—he he, loads—about me to the Concerned Women for America. Good As You has the audio.

Now I haven't listened to the audio yet... and I don't have time at the moment. But quickly...

The Concerned Women are concerned about my efforts to make non-monogamy "more acceptable in the heterosexual community." Hm. It seems to me that there's an awful lot of non-monogamy going on in the heterosexual community right now. What I'd like to make "more acceptable" in all communities is honesty (about the desire to sleep with other people, even if you never act on it) and realism (about the likelihood that, over the multi-decade course of a marriage, someone will cheat). Because as I wrote in The Commitment, the four year old book from which Peter is drawing these "new and shocking" revelations about my sex life, I'm pretty darn conservative when it comes to marriage. I'm opposed to divorce, particularly when there are kids involved. Seeing as adultery—what "non-monogamy" goes by in the heterosexual community—is pretty darn common, I believe that we should all emulate the Clintons and construct our marriages in such a way that they can weather a little non-monogamy. Because, again, I'm a conservative when it comes to marriage—and it's always seemed to me that being realistic about non-monogamy would actually help to conserve more marriages. And isn't conserving marriage what we conservatives want?

Not all of us, it seems. Peter LaBarbera and the Concerned Women for America are out there every day encouraging heterosexual couples to enter into marriage with highly unrealistic expectations about lifelong fidelity, unrealistic expectations that contribute mightily to our high divorce rates. If LaBarbera and the CWfA want to undermine the institution of marriage—the foundational institution of our society! so important for the health and safety of our children!—that's their right. But I sleep better at night knowing that I'm doing what I can to bring our divorce rates down, save marriages, and protect our children.