What a shitty, shitty morning. It's not even 10 am and so many things have gone wrong. And I was going to post all about it here, too—I was going to scream and shout at Metro for not being able to stick to a bus schedule to save their life, and I was going to reprimand Seattle for being unable to cope in the not-even-an-inch of snow we got THREE DAYS ago because yes, Slog is my LiveJournal, so fuck you.

I'm sorry. I don't mean it.

But before I started on my rant, I checked the comments on today's Morning News post to see what you smart, funny people had to say, and HOLY SHIT keshmeshi posted a link to cutethingsfallingasleep.org, which is a real website and THE BEST WEBSITE EVER.

Whoever is responsible for cutethingsfallingasleep.org, I thank you. Metro should thank you too. Because now, instead of fuming about a frustrating morning like the big whiny baby I was, I'm going to watch the adorable baby animals fight off slumber just a little longer... like the easily entertained child I am.

Look at the baby bear! With his little nose smooshed all up into his cute little face. He just... doesn't... want... to sleep... awe! There he goes! Smooshing his nose again!