Here's what Obama inauguration pastor Rick Warren's "ministry toolbox," written by Warren and other church leaders, has to say about wives submitting to their husbands:

Submission does not mean women are under the authority of men in general. I love the King James Version's rendition of Ephesians 5:22 "Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands." Guess what? Wives aren't asked to submit to anyone else's husband! Just their own!

While I make this point somewhat tongue-in cheek, many women assume the Bible teaches their general inferiority and subjection to men. Untrue. Paul is talking about marriage as a matter between each husband and wife.

It is a relief to know that as a wife and mother I am not totally responsible for my family. I have a husband to look to for counsel and direction. I can rely on his toughness when I am too soft and his logic when I am too emotional.

About why men don't like to come to church:

Before men climb aboard, they want to see a man — a real man — at the helm. Men appreciate a pastor who's bold and outspoken — one who shoots from the hip now and then. They also like pastors who do guy stuff. The more outdoorsy, athletic, or risky things you do, the more comfortable your men will be.

Most church buildings are adorned with quilts, flowers, lace, and banners. How do we expect men to connect with God in a room that looks like a beauty parlor?

Redecorate your worship space with men in mind. Take down the quilts and lace. Repaint using the colors of the field. Change your lighting. If you've got the guts, cover the walls with swords, shields, or maybe even mounted animal trophies.

Many women prefer a homespun, family-oriented service, warts and all. Gals enjoy hearing nine-year-old Allison play the offertory on her clarinet, even if she misses most of the notes. A lengthy testimony from Sister Marge doesn't bother the ladies. They don't seem to mind when Sister Blanche requests prayer for her aunt's gall bladder.

Years ago, I attended a church where everyone held hands across the aisles while singing a unity hymn. Men hate this — especially when they have to hold hands with other men


About a proposed US Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage:

Unless people of faith want to see a judicially decreed, same-sex “marriage” hegemony imposed on our nation, we must translate our outrage, conviction and concern into phone calls to our senators, congressmen and the president.

With the lukewarm support the amendment is currently getting, it is evident that not enough U.S. Senators feel the heat. Unless Washington senses the pressure from a groundswell of protest, they won’t see the light, and marriage, as we have known it in America, will be further imperiled.

About porn:

I went for a while thinking I could handle it on my own. Frankly, who wants to admit this kind of sin? With my years of experience in ministry and my seminary degree, I thought I could figure a way out of this one.

But I kept falling into a cycle of despair — perhaps you’re familiar with it? Falling on my face before God, I’d swear I’d never do it again. But then I’d convince myself that one last time wouldn’t hurt, and quickly I’d be stuck right back in the briar patch of pornography that plagues the World Wide Web.

My wife is also an ally in this battle, and you need yours as well. Sherry set "locks” on my computer, and I do not know the password. This means I am blocked from most pornographic sites because my wife’s settings recognize them as such. I also — and, yes, this was embarrassing — handed my wife a list of Internet addresses for the pornographic sites I tended to visit.

She created specific blocks for them, so I can no longer access them. Once again, this eliminated a lot of my temptation. I now feel comfortable using my own computer, but nervous when I use an unprotected computer. I’m glad my wife established these blocks.