The updated list of bus suspensions and reroutes is at…
har har, "left 4 dead"
They canceled my 11. I was a bit pouty about that, but at least the 120 was running so I could be one of six people at work...
Make sure to kill your car so you can wait an hour in freezing temperatures for a bus to never show up! Stranger Law #2 - Everyone MUST love the bus.
Seattle's bus system is utterly useless. So much for that brief flirtation with mass transit for my wife and I -- thank God gas prices have come back down again just in time.
They took all the articulated buses out of service. Anyone else see the one yesterday that clipped the fire hydrant on First?
It's embarrassing how reliant a city Seattle's size is on buses. Get rail, people. You had it in the 50s, time to bring it back.
PedestrianMe, you obviously have no idea how much effort Seattlites have gone to in trying to get some sort of mass transit, and how much effort the suburbans surrounding the city have fought against it.
If Seattle didn't have bendy busses then we would not have that photo.

I still think cities should get rid of bendy busses.
For 99.5% of the year, bendy busses are an advantage. Without a bendy bus, you have to have more smaller busses. You cannot have a bus that long without making it bendy in the middle, or it would never be able to turn a corner on a normal city street.

But for the average of 3 days a year of snow in Seattle, they are a nightmare.

@7 yeah, because rail was working real well yesterday. Here's a picture of a man clearing gunk out of the SLUT tracks. If only he had been putting snow chains on a few buses instead...…

You'd think with all the cancellations they could increase the service that is running so the buses aren't so jam packed, I'm sure there's a bunch of drivers that simply can't make it into work but as you go downtown every single bus is filled to the brim because so few buses are actually running. They should still be using the same number of buses on the road just fewer routes, because so many people still depend on the bus.

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