Aww, Eric Rachner is awesome. I hate Tom Carr for prosecuting my friends for having fun.
This is so ridiculous. Next thing you know, they'll charge you for reporting it.

I still have burning hatred for the punkass bitch/worthless "friend" who won't fess up.
Maybe they should charge Jonah for reporting this. In a sense, haven't we all been 'nerfed' by these bombastic stories? Isn't that, metaphorically, the real crime? Isn't it?

Isn't it?
They should all be charged -- if it was poor black men shooting foam balls at 100+ mph in busy streets they'd all have felonies.

And just because it was a plastic ball doesn't make it safe -- imagine taking a surprise nerf football or a surprise paintball in the face.
More nanny-state bullshit from the liberal douche capitol of the USA.
Doesn't the law require the police to treat this serious Nerfcrime as a higher priority than possession of pot? Is that good or bad?
Urban Golfers should die.
we should use salt on urban golfers, or require them to have a license like bicycles
I wish legislative nightmares upon all those who believe the nerf golfer committed a crime. Remember, NERF golf balls are made of NERF. NERF is soft, like a pillow, or like your personality.
Jonah - Can you track down a picture of the injuries that were inflicted by said foam golf ball to post on slog?

It's hard to imagine they're significant, but if they are, that would be important to know.
in the golfer's original apology, he claimed to offer to pay for the victim's medical bills. either that means there were injuries, or he was being a sarcastic drunk asshole after hitting a guy with a plastic-like golf-ball. apparently it is not legal to hit people with things.

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