Some tea leaves: The Governor of Washington State has disappeared. Her office, while very tight-lipped about her whereabouts, tells me there will be an announcement early tomorrow morning. Obama's transition team plans to announce the new Commerce Secretary nominee (replacing Bill Richardson) "very quickly."

From my interview just now with Gregoire spokesperson Laura Lockard:

Q: Is Governor Gregoire going to be Obama's nominee for Commerce Secretary?

A: “We’re not able to speak to that so we’ll do a release in the morning.”

Q: Where is she?

A: “She’s out of state.”

Q: Is she in the country?

A: "I’m not allowed to say.”

Q: Is she going to continue as Governor of Washington State?

A: "I’m not allowed to say.”

Like everyone, I await tomorrow's announcement. But I will say—and again this is just tea leaves—that Lockard didn't sound like a staffer who was mourning some sort of personal tragedy in her boss's life.

And, not to get too far ahead of things, but: Governor Brad Owen?