Looks cool and I loved Walking to Werner but $18??? Some of us got bills to pay
Get rush tix the night of the show for $12 instead.
If you want cheaper shows, I hope you're writing your legislators asking for more public support of art and culture. It costs money to make shows and sustain artists, audiences and community. If more public support went toward helping defray costs, tickets would be less expensive.

And please, many people who don't go to the theater because of an $18 ticket fee, end up dropping at least that much at a bar or restaurant.
duders - think of it more as a tithe. i saw this last night, and it was so worth the money. kind of like paying someone to pray for my soul - can't put a price on it but BOTH of us gotta eat :)
Cool, I just bought tickets. Walking to Werner was great.
What were you watching? I love On the Boards, but the performance truly was unendurable. It was the worst piece of professional performance I have ever seen. I almost abandoned politeness and walked out, but alas I was in the middle of a row and didn’t want to make people stand up. At my wits ends, I looked over and was overcome with jealousy, several people in my row had fallen asleep… if only it were me.

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