Hey Megan - I work in Bellevue, is there any hope should I say, "run out for coffee" for a few hours???
Is there a party with the King County Republicans? The UW Daily?

Democrips are still busters.
Who the hell are you people that you don't have to be at work all day on Tuesday?! Especially the day after a holiday! I'm so effing jealous. I'm going to have to figure out how to secretly watch, with earbuds, in the middle of a sea of cubicles filled with Republicans. No parades here.
Fear not day-shifters! There is going to be a fantastic night-time ball at Rebar on Tues. Jan 20th.

Hosted by Seattle's own Ade' there will be hors-d'ouerves and a big show with burlesque, musical comedy, drag and live vocals.

The theme is "Return to Camelot". So were those fab 60's threads.

Door is at 8. Show at 9. Cover $5 for partiers wearing 60's chic, $10 otherwise, no-host bar.
The listing for The Paramount says concessions will be for sale, not free. Please double check.
Watch the Inauguration at the University Book Store on the Ave. Doors open at 9 am, the event is free.

seeing as the swearing in occurs at 9am, it sounds like the UW bookstore won't be an ideal place to watch everything. hopefully they'll open earlier.
I thought the swearing in was at 11:30? Is that Eastern time?
Where is the Spitfire event? I heard they were doing something.

Also Cafe Racer is supposedly having an event.
Just received this email from ERW:

It’s not breakfast as usual... Come join ERW as we celebrate the inauguration of President Barack Obama at Martin’s Off Madison!

There will be $20 brunch specials, along with mimosas and bloody mary’s available for purchase while pro-equality folks watch the inauguration together.

fnarf, here's a schedule with *eastern* times:…
@4 - I switched my holiday, so I will be working on Monday (MLK Jr Day) in lieu of Tuesday. But there are plenty of people I know who are taking the 20th as a vacation day.
I and a vast amount of UW students will be making it a 4-day weekend. I'm going to my mom's to celebrate with lattes and mimosas-- she's almost 57 and Obama was the first person either of us ever caucused for. We are big nerds-- I think she's going to bust out the leftover flag-themed stuff from the 4th of July.
The central library is opening early and showing it in their auditorium. Free and open to the public, of course. Perfect for downtown office-workers to take a long coffee break.
Equal Rights Washington will host an Inaugural breakfast from 8-10 am Tuesday morning at Martin's off Madison, 1413 14th Ave. To join us, please contact Ramsey Cambell at, or call 206.324.2570.
The Portage Bay Cafe down in South Lake Union is putting up a big screen and showing it. Doors open at 7:3o, and we're taking reservations, but are pretty full already...
So what happened to the promised list of evening events??
the spitfire party is co hosted by the weekly so I think that is why it's not being promoted. However, it's being co-hosted by Worldchanging. I'm on belltown so that is where I'm going.
Showbox Inauguration Replay Party!

Come watch the Inauguration and join us for this historic nationwide
party! We will show the morning's Inaugural Ceremonies replayed in
full as well as live coverage of the evening balls and parties on six
large plasma screens. We'll be hugging strangers, kissing friends,
popping bottles, and cheering for our President Barack Obama! Like the
ecstatic jubilation on election night, you will not want to stay home
while Seattle comes together for the party of a lifetime! Doors open
at 4pm and we'll start replaying the Inauguration at 6pm. There will
food and premium drink specials all night long! Happy hour from 4-7pm!
The Showbox Sodo, 1700 1st Avenue S, two blocks south of the stadiums.
Plenty of free parking and frequent buses available. This nationwide
Neighborhood Ball will be one for the history books and a grand night
to remember. We helped Obama to bring HOPE and CHANGE to our country
and now it's time to CELEBRATE! YES WE CAN!……………
There is also a street party tonight brought to you by at the corner of Pike and Broadway on Capitol Hill. It starts at 7pm!!

Please wait...

and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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