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He's out a-walkin' again! love it!
he's out again.
I normally wouldn't say this, but Al Roker was outstanding on MSNBC just now.
what did Roker do, Mac? Fill us in!
Unless you're being pelted by eggs (Jan. '01). Then you can kind of skip the walk, because no one really wants to see you anyway.
Roker just wanted the prez to say something to him because he's apparently been ignored at all the past inaugurations. So he shouted a bunch and Obama waved to him and said "It's warm!" Not sure what that means, but ok.
I think it was a weatherman joke. It has been a long day - we'll give him a pass on the impromptu brilliant humor requirement.

Damn - they are a radiant couple. Stride on.
must be a very special day when we get a slog post from the publisher.
This is a man of the people.

Not a man of the elite.

And that is one major difference of today in comparison to yesterday.

No more imperial pResidency.

Just sane, intelligent, and competent leadership at a time when we need it most.
WOop! WOoop! WoooooOOOP! Tim Keck sighting on the Slog! WOooOOOP!
This is a man, THE MAN, who for once, won't keep us down.

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