Obama remains a friend of the Penguin:

"Several developers on Novell's Mono team leaped into action and worked late into the night so that Linux users will be able to watch the stream with Moonlight, an open source implementation of Silverlight 1.0. Their efforts, which were undertaken in collaboration with Microsoft, have ensured that the PIC stream will be accessible to Linux users who download the Moonlight browser plugin from the project's web site, as well as to PPC Mac users who rely on Microsoft's Silverlight 1.0 plugin."…
Wow, so the ACLU was right again.
@1 has a point - you can easily upgrade the WH computers by installing the latest Linux build on them and there's even a Secure version used by the NSA, so it's not too hard.

But as to you guys in the media, well, are you really that surprised?
Now that GW is out we'll probably be hearing much more about things like this, related to domestic spying, torture, rendition, lying to the public in the runup to wars... I support Scott Horton's excellent strategy for dealing with the truth before it buries us in shame, articulated most recently in Harper's: a South Africa-style Truth and Reconciliation Commission as a preface to carefully laid prosecutions.
Hmmm, this news, new administration and massive layoffs at Microsoft...
Glad this one's now official.

Can't wait for Sy Hersh's next article.
The Hague, the Hague.
Part two of the interview is tonight.
I still think that 43's gov't archived every telecommunication, even if Mr. Tice never found out about it. I think the mistake that was the Bush era has resulted in our immortalization, fellow citizens. The details of our private lives have been preserved like those of the peasants interrogated by the Inquisition, or the humdrum Oval Office life captured by the Starr Report. W's Staatssicherheitsdienst has conserved my long-distance relationships for all eternity.
it is physically impossible to archive that much info. 300+ million people is a big number....even in a world with terabyte disks.
Elliot Spitzer is an idiot if he thought the Repubs weren't spying on high profile Dems. We all knew this was going on.

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