From a recent "Savage Love":

Longtime reader, first-time writer. In last week's column, there was a letter from JON, a just-out gay kid who is not ready for anal sex. Please excuse a question from a naive but well-meaning/curious straight guy... but what other kinds of gay sex are there? Just hands-on and oral, kind of like what us hetero folks do? Or are there other things that would blow my mind?

Dumb-Ass White Guy

You mean heteros haven't heard of ear-holin' and nose-bangin' and piss-slittin' and ann- coulterin'? You gotta get out more, DAWG....

From resourceful "Savage Love" reader Erik:

Isn't Google image search great?

I thought I was making ear-holin' up. NSFYW Image after the jump.


Let's hope there aren't any pictures of ann-coulterin' out there.