Some people have way too much time on their hands.
and too much dick in their ear.
2: What?
You've never lived until you've wallowed in a big boys bellybutton.
Whew! And I thought I was weird.
Dan, you're a sex columnist and you don't know what Rule #34 is?

It it can be conceived, or it exists, there IS porn of it. There are no exceptions.

If you can't find it (whatever IT, pornwise, is) you haven't looked hard enough.
I'm hoping this is for the sake of novelty, and not the quiet passion of an ear-plug fetishist.
I can honestly say that something like that never once occurred to me in over 40 years.

Clearly, I need to get out more.
"I said you've got a dick in your ear!"

"I'm sorry, I can't hear you. You see, I've got a dick in my ear."
I'm with # 8. When I heard/read "ear-holin'" my mental image was in the ear, not a piercing. Wow. Consider my mind blown.
There are some really kinky people out there.

Le sigh.
Now I will never look at those with big holes in their ears the same way again. Thanks Dan!
I think I saw those earrings being peddled by Paula Abdul on QVC...
What @6 said:

I give you not JUST nose-banging, but interspecies nose-banging.
Twat did you say? I cunt hear you. I have an ear infucktion.
@14 - Now someone should hold that man down, and let the horse do the same to him.
@10: same here. Wow.

@14: I don't know whether to laugh or be horribly disturbed...
Well, that's ONE way to divert attention from your stubby little funny-shaped dick.
Not to mention that disgusting fat-pad and pubic jellyroll, #18
Apparently now Slog Commenters are on a Google Search Craze.

Could this be Ann Coultering?

Muh Noz!
awesome find, BombasticMo.
Well, now my mind has been blown. I guess it is good to learn something new everyday.
@17: I think both are appropriate responses.

I have no idea what you'd call the combination of hilarity and horrible disturbance, though. Probably something German.
what a dickhead
@14 - what a pretty pony!
On ear piercings, on ponies....what a bunch of patriots.

I dare not think what other homosexual acts have been posted here.
I haven't even looked at any of the linked images and I need brain bleach...
Darn Joh, taking out his gauged ear businesses...

How do you know those aren't nutty heterosexuals in that picture? Aren't you just presuming that those individuals are gay?
This post is about a reader asking Dan about homosexual acts.

Dan although in jest mentioned a few and then went and did a search to see if he could find images of them.

Then another poster found one of a male sexually abusing an animal in a way I couldn't ever imagined being done. All of them involve penises being inserted in places were they are not meant to be incerted. I'm not trying to offend but isn't that a common homosexual practice, to insert the penis in places that are harmful like in the act of sodomy.

You can't possibly condone that Kim, you seem like a kind person, you can't justify animal abuse.
#16 /cheer!!
@31 are you comparing sodomy to animal abuse?

and it's weird. i was reading that anne coultering thing and craig ferguson just started talking about her. COMEDY.
#31 -- You're right. Anal sex is exactly the same as spending weeks stretching your ear lobe into a fuckable hole, or trolling a farm to find a horse with fuckable nostrils.

Seriously, stop pretending you don't see the enormous difference. What you're saying is tantamount to, "All straight women like having sex with men, so how is that different from having sex with little boys' feet or male animals?" Completely different scenarios all.
Both acts involve gays using what should be their reproductive organs to penetrate places that can bring sickness to them and to the other place or animal they're using to satisfy themselves. Dunno, but every time Ive heard about someone sexually abusing an animal it has involved a gay man.

Maybe their high sexual drive triggers something that hinders them to make safe choices that don't harm animals or themselves.
Really? I'm pretty sure 90% of the bestiality porn I've seen or heard about centred on men forcing male animals to fuck women. Ever heard of a donkey show?

I think you're using your body in unnatural and harmful ways -- for example, you're talking out of your ass.
Loveschild @ 31,

No, Loveschild, I do not support or condone animal abuse or bestiality.

You have a presumption in your logic that only gay men participate in such things as "ear-holin", beastiality, and BDSM. Just because their is a penis in the video or picture doesn't mean the penis belongs to a gay man. In fact, a heterosexual couple was arrested in Kalamath Falls, OR for having sex with their dog and selling videos of it in Europe. The point is kinky sex practices are not limited to one sexual orientation. One can argue since 90% of the worlds population is said to be heterosexual, that most of the kinky and pornography made today is done by heterosexuals. Please, stop assuming that the presence of a penis means that the individual(s) involved in making it are gay. Just because Dan writes about something and does a Google image search doesn't make something gay. Like us all, Dan Savage has some wonderful gifts, but turning things gay isn't one of his super powers.
@37 couldn't have said it better myself.

and i'm pretty sure that that's a girl in that ear-holin' pic. it just doesn't look/seem like a male head.
"Both acts involve gays using what should be their reproductive organs to penetrate places that can bring sickness to them and to the other place or animal they're using to satisfy themselves."

Straight, vaginal intercourse can also bring a lot of "sickness" to both men and women.
And that is definitely a woman getting ear-fucked.
Right on, Kim. Loveschild - the only link between the dude with his dick in the poor horse's nose, "ear-holin", and gay sex is there's a penis involved. It's not a homo thing - it's a weirdo, batshitcrazy dude thing. To compare the two just shows your homophobia, plain and simple. One would hope if you're reading Savage Love, you would be less likely to hate on the gays.
BTW - Dan didn't find the image, Savage Love reader / contributor Erik did.
42 has a "psychologist" game in which people answer "true"or"false" to a series of statements. These statements can range from really bizarre ("I've drunk blood") to relatively mundane. The game involves posting a picture of two okcupid members, and you have to guess which one said "true" to the statement (fabulously judgmental).

Conclusion: Far far FAR too many people have had a penis in their ear.
You mean heteros haven't heard of ear-holin' and nose-bangin' and piss-slittin' and ann- coulterin'?
OMG! YES! I mean I've never heard about, at least , ONE of these perverted "love" makings! Frankly speaking, I've tried to google them, and I didn't find even pics... It seems to me they are censored...
dick head....lmfao

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