...didn't work for Matthew Shepard's killers. But it still works in Spain. A man met a male couple in a gay bar in the middle of the day, went home with them, had dinner with them, and then spent the night in another room in their houseā€”before bursting into their bedroom at 4 AM and brutally murdered both men.

There are no independent witnesses, but police and forensic experts say that the murder rampage began around 4:00am. Apparently, PĆ©rez TriviƱio was stabbed first but did not die. PiƱeiro then stabbed Anderson Luciano twice while in the couples' room, and 22 more times as he followed his victim out of the room, into a corridor and out to the livingā€”where he died.

PƩrez TriviƱio, in the meantime, had locked himself in the room and records show that he was able to call local authorities. The call was cut short when PiƱeiro was able to break back into the room and finish him off by stabbing him 35 more times.

In the living room, he tied Anderson Luciano's hands and put a blanket over his body; in the bedroom, he placed a blanket over PƩrez TriviƱio's head, tied a cable around it, and tethered it to a bed post. He then emptied closets and threw clothes all over the apartment, poured alcohol and set everything on fire.

The murderer claimed he attacked the men because they made a pass at him. And he was acquitted. More at Americablog.