Nick Licata: Officially running for reelection. "A number of you urged me to run for Mayor, but I feel my role as a legislator, writing the laws that govern our city, is the one that suits me best. " (Sorry, David Bloom!)

Maple Leaf neighborhood activist David Miller: Officially taking on son-of-Charley Jordan Royer, who's running for retiring council member Richard McIver's seat.

Also running for the same position: Rusty Williams, son of former city council member Jeanette Williams and, like Miller, a North End Activist, who took out ads in both the P-I and Times today.

Peter Steinbrueck: Unofficially, still vacillating. Steinbrueck sent the following message to Susanna Williams, the creator of the "Peter Steinbrueck, for the love of Seattle, RUN FOR MAYOR!" group, this weekend:

Hi Susanna, I'm overwhelmed by the outpouring of people interested in new leadership in the mayor's office! Well, it's gotten me thinking... political leadership should always be about change. I am in a listening mode, and I would like to ask ask a simple question of those who are urging me to run. That is:

Besides a new mayor, what three things, "For the Love of Seattle" would people like to see changed?

Join the group (now 400 members strong) or respond to Steinbrueck's question here.