The other day, I let society down. I was about to enter the QFC on Broadway, at the corner of Republican and Harvard, when I saw a dog whose owner was decent enough to tie outside (rather than walk inside) the store. An old batty, stupid woman saw the same dog and decided in her own batty, stupid way that it looked hungry. She put her shopping down, looked for a "treat" in a bag, found a packet and opened it. I could not believe my eyes and ears: "You look so hungry... What's your name... You are so cute... You need something special, " she said to the dog, which was waving its tail. I wanted to push the old nutter away from the foolish dog and throw her treats into a bush. This was not an act of kindness; it was nothing but madness to feed another person's animal without permission. I'm not a dog lover, true, but I knew what she was doing was wrong and even criminal. Sadly, I did not want to get all tangled up with a madwoman and so walked by her and the dog without doing a damn thing. Sorry, society.