Same thing could be said about Fred Jarrett.
Who cares? She can think the world is flat for all I care, As long as she stops raising my property taxes.
She's a republican? Oh, REALLY?

I can't wait for her to get up and cry about high property taxes, "we bought these homes and we use all these utilities that cost so much money, but really, everyone else should carry more of the burden! All those roads to our homes, the pipes, the electric infrastructure, we shouldn't pay for that, no. How dare you charge me for being an arrogant leech!"
Yes, God forbid we have a strong, independent, focused, and accomplished woman running the County. That would be terrible.

Oh, what's that you say? She's a Republican? Even though it's a non-partisan office? Then nevermind.
Quick, someone call Leslie Miller to run against her!
Actually, the whole Republican in Dem's clothing trick has failed and failed again (no, it's the "G.O.P. Party")

Mike Gavick, Rossi (2X) and others have all gone down in flames.

What would sell is true red Republican with true Conservative values:

1. No meddling in people's personal lives
2. Low taxes
3. Eliminate fees and taxes
4. Curb spending.
5. Reform and fighting corruption.
6. Dissolve unneeded political entities such as special boards, quasi-governmental corporations, and all the rest of the sponges.

In short, the true limited government.

Haven't Jim Compton and Jean Godden proven that media-types make for ineffectual public officials?
Too bad she's not running for Mayor.

When is the last time we had a woman with high name recognition run for Mayor around here?
@7, what Compton and Godden proved to Susan is that media-types are electable. Lordy, all that time spent watching her head tilt this way and that, all Aquanetted, voice emotionally calibrated to whatever mini-story she was reading. It was kind of a Stepford Wives appeal for me, but I'd never vote for her. But she is head of the Simonyi Foundation, so I expect a lot of showy money plumping for her during a very professional-looking campaign.
I thought Leslie Miller was Canadian ...
Prediction: She'll do fine on the campaign trail until a sudden power outage takes out her teleprompter...
When I worked at Bartell's during college, Susan Hutchison came through my line and was bitchy for no good reason. She bought a shit-ton of stuff, and as she went to reach for her bag after I'd run her credit card and all, she said in an extremely superior tone:

"Is everything in there?"

Inside sarcastic me: "No, I always assume that customers only want 65-70% of the items they buy, so I always keep a few things at the checkout stand. Unless people specifically ask for EVERYTHING."

Actual me: "It sure is; thanks for shopping at Bartell's!"

I never thought I'd have an opportunity to pay her back for that, since I wouldn't watch TV news if you paid me. But I do vote! Hooray! Anyone But Hutchison!

Note to future politicians: Be nice to college kids stuck working at Bartells!
So in other word she's an America-hating extremist right wing hack.

Who can technically say "I'm not on the board" of the very group she was on the board of.

Typical Republicant liar.

I don't know that Ms Hutchison, who's been off-the-air for about seven years now, is going to get that much mileage out of her former status as a news reader, considering there are a fairly large number of voters new to the area who have never even seen her on TV, and probably don't know the first thing about her, other than what's being printed in the media currently.
I saw her belittle a barista in a Belltown coffee shop back when she was still at KIRO. NOT a good person.
Gak. It's one thing to be a republican, it's another to be on the board of the Discovery Institute, a vaguely scientific organization whose sole mission is SUPPORTING CREATIONISM.

That's enough to sink her campaign, in my eyes.
Good luck to her.

Lots of money for someone like that to waste running...
I sold her a computer once. She was such. a. snob.

Nancy & Joe Guppy on the other hand? Total blast to work with.
@14: Hey man, Oprah was a "news reader". An exceptional one. She's done pretty well for herself.

Plus, seven years is nothing. People still talk about Emmett Watson and he died in 2001.

My brush with Hutchison: I worked at a fancy retail store back in the late 80s/early 90s and she was a customer. I don't remember anything particular about her except that she was copper-colored and bought a lot of stuff. Since I waited on her, I was glad.

Erica - I do hope you'll respond.

The point is, these races are non-partisan. So why should those journalists at those publications have to point out their partisan affiliations?

You really think they should? I hope you'll give me some good thoughts on this.
@20: No, Erica thinks it should be mentioned only if she's a Republican, since it equates with child molester and wine thief.
This race is non-partisan in name only and the result of a cynical ploy by Republicans who are hoping that one of their own can fly under the radar long enough to land in the Exec's office. Whether it was a smart ploy remains to be seen.

I certainly hope that local media outlets spend some time digging into the party affiliations and contacts of major candidates.
Once an America-hating Republican, always an America-hating Republican.
That's the spirit, everyone! I think that if you're going to really cover something, as a journalist you can easily cover it, show people their opinions on issues without dealing in partisan bickering. Because VOTERS are the reason why those seats are non-partisan. Nothing more. Most of those were created during the birth of charters. Think about that. Have some respect for voters that you vehemently defend all the time.

I think that Erica herself is a fantastic reporter and could do just fine reporting on issues that Susan Hutchinson supports or doesn't. If she lies ... it's totally appropriate to bring up these partisan things. But why bring them up? They're not important. Important issues aren't partisan or non-partisan. They're just issues.

You can say someone is conservative and liberal --- and show they are via previous news issues --- without having to say what party they're affiliated with.

A good journalist, like Erica, could totally do that. Absolutely.
Do not count her out - tax revolt in progress and King Couty is a mess - time for a change will be a good line for her - kow turnout election

And mega $$$ coming her way.

I remember her but never thought she had any talent. ANY name famil. works for a beginning political candidate - all to her advantage.
Be afraid. Be very afraid. Here's what Wikipedia says about Hutchirson and her ilk:

"The Borg manifest as cybernetically enhanced humanoid drones of multiple species, organized as an interconnected collective, the decisions of which are made by a hive mind. The Borg inhabit a vast region of space in the Delta Quadrant of the galaxy, possessing hundreds of vessels and having conquered thousands of systems."

"They operate solely toward the fulfilling of one purpose: to 'add the biological and technological distinctiveness of other species to their own' in pursuit of [lower taxes and an extreme right wing social agenda]. This is achieved through forced assimilation, a process which transforms individuals and technology into Borg, enhancing, and simultaneously controlling, individuals by implanting or appending synthetic components."
@24: The voters want to know which party Susan Hutchinson is affiliated with because it says a lot about who she is and what she believes in. A good reporter provides information to her readers, Sam, she doesn't cover things up.
Cripes, Hutchinson was a malaprop machine even she had a teleprompter. Should be entertaining.
Do remember that a very large percentage of voters are women over the age of 50. And they vote in high numbers. I am a Democrat but she will be a formidable opponent.

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