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Y'all really need to start reading each other's Slog posts.
Yeah, yeah, Chaz. We all saw "Minority Report"...
Charles' posts are the best of Slog.
Charles - how about this to blur the distinction?…

Now, think of the possibilities. Instead of people on their phones not being entirely where they are - walking into things as they jabber - posit that they instead are responding to an overlay or augmentation of reality, that only they can see.

A good Marxist should easily pick up on this being the actualization of the disparate realities betwixt rich and poor.

The rest of us can imagine the awesome party games you could have with this sort of thing.
Charles, I think you may like David Marusek. I am reading Mind Over Ship now, the sequel book to Counting Heads.

You mean, like, getting the virtual dog to hump the leg of the obnoxious cellphone user sitting next to you on the bus?
Very interesting. Yes, we may now actually be at the very point of crossing this threshold. The virtual and the actual entertwined, and soon, indistinguishable. Thank you Charles, for keeping us abrest of these important but easily overlooked milestones.

We cannot praise William Gibson enough. Damn I love his writing.
One more thing we don't really need. Soon we will learn that we are becoming the technology we create, and it's not a good thing. Our patience and attention are disappearing before our very eyes. We cannot communicate with each other and are constantly looking for something better to do than enjoying the current moment. I wouldn't be so quick to praise Pattie Maes if I were you. This will only make things worse. TECHNOLOGY DOES NOT ALWAYS EQUAL PROGRESS.

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