It's partisan, divisive and a bit meanspirited, but oh, so satisfying to hear, esp. starting at 2:00 or so.
note that obama's only raising taxes on 5% of taxpayers, and that's just by letting bush's tax cuts expire, and that hasn't even happened yet.

there's lots more shit tacos to come before 2016, bitches.
Man, I loved this segment
Hitler was democratically elected and there were a lot of baby steps from there to Auschwitz.
(sigh, flutter eyelashes...) I love Jon Stewart!
I was hoping you all would Slog this... very funny.

Excellent. The plate at the end is perfect.
Suck on my truck nuts.
Actually, Hitler lost his bid for the German presidency in 1930. In 1932 he was appointed Chancellor by the sitting president.

So yeah, you can suck on my truck nuts too.
@4 You can tell how desperate the Republicans are based on their comparing a man that campaigned against torture, is actually closing the nearest thing to a concentration camp this country has (Gitmo), and ending the Republican led imperialistic Hitler.

Republicans: Remember, you're the ones that want to invade foreign countries, and take away everyone's human rights. No one is falling for your lies any more.
@4, um... Hi.

As a recent immigrant to the U.S. you are probably unfamiliar with the history of our politics and government for the past eight years.

Please read up on "George W. Bush Stealing the Election in 2000", the Iraq War and the associated domestic spying programs, and the egregious incursions on our freedoms by a group of people called "The Republicans".

Also, since you are obviously not aware of American history, I can tell you than G.W.Bush was "democratically" elected (stole) an election, and that during an 8-year regime he and his cronies STILL did not manage to turn the U.S. into a total military dictatorship, and so the chances of Obama turning the U.S. into a fascist-gay-pinko-librul-abortionist-anti-christianist-muslim-tax-eating-rich-eating-hellhole are, well, in the 10 weeks that he's been president, are relatively fucking slim.

Seriously, @4?

Did you just Godwin this thread?

I mean, allow me to be the first to welcome you to the internet. Congratulations. You just lost.
#4 is a perfect example of why fox news should be taken off the air. People start to believe the bulls$*t.
But if fox was taken off the air, then that would be a restriction of free speech.
Damn, talked myself into Pandora's box.
The way for FUX to get off the air is for advertisers to start pulling their ads. Its happening already.…

What can Brown do for you indeed.
Good god Stewart is fantastic. This is beyond awesome.
Oh lord, I'm not sure what I enjoyed more, Jon Stewart or the responses to #4... thanks! Great blog...
I love people who bring up Hitler. It's such a obvious ploy to get people arguing. Or to win any argument without really having to win.

But I'm not as funny as Dave Barry - so here's something else to read.

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