Faith and Freedom president Gary Randall, who says his group plans to file a referendum to repeal Washington state's recently passed domestic-partnership bill, isn't registered to vote in Washington.

When I asked Randall on Monday where he lived, he dodged the question. Today, Assistant Secretary of State Steve Excel told me, "No records were found in Washington state of a Gary Randall born" in 1941. However, records show a Gary Randall born on February 15, 1941 living in Clackamas County, Oregon and married to a Marjorie Randall. That would jibe with Randall's statement that he owns a home in Oregon, that Faith and Freedom Network lists one of its addresses in Lake Oswego (which is in Clackamas County), and that his bio says he's married to Marjorie Randall.

Indeed, Clackamas County, Oregon election clerk Chanin Bays says, "He is registered in our county. Looks like since July 1, 1982."

Washington state law says a referendum may be filed by "any legal voter of the state."

It now appears Randall can't file the referendum himself and wouldn't even be allowed to vote on the measure. But his organization is already raising money for it. In a fundraising letter Randall sent last week, he wrote, "Thank you for your support as we expand our efforts in preparation for an initiative or referendum to defend marriage. Click here [link removed] to make an online, tax-deductible donation to Faith & Freedom." As I write in this week's paper, Randall could make a big profit from the anti-gay effort.