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Betcha the snitch fapped before alerting.
Please crop that picture about 10 pixels higher for those whom browse from work.
This is very shortsighted on the part of the college. If they kick out all the gay guys hot enough to do porn, who will they have left for furtive, shameful encounters around campus?
And will the school be returning/rejecting the tuition money he paid since it came from an "unclean" source?
Yeah... That picture is really awkward to show up on your iPhone when you're on jury duty.
Occupational hazard.
I'm pretty sure you can still see weiner-action in that photo.
Grove City College is a strange, strange place. No one is allowed to walk on the grass in certain areas of campus, and they have extremly archaic rules regarding visitors of the opposite sex (all four feet on the floor at all times, doors can't be closed, very limited hours, gender-based cafeterias, and a smaller mixed-gender one).

After a tour, I got in the car with my parents and told them to quickly drive away and they agreed. Granted, I then went to an even smaller, Catholic school, but even they were far more progressive and realistic about their students personal lives.
I'm also guessing the number of closeted gay kids at Christian Colleges is high.
A) That photo needs to be re-cropped
B) The guy on the right is hotter.
I went to a Xtian school in redneck Idaho with a high school class totalling 5 males.

Three turned out queer.

You do the math...
@8 is right. Grove City is weird. They are really, really conservative up there, to the point where they don't accept any federal or state money in the form of student grants or loans because they don't want any government interference with their school at all. Men and women are kept pretty separated, and are encouraged to "court" rather than date - meaning group dates only, handholding and chaste kissing, etc.

I considered it briefly, mainly because it was close to home (which was Pittsburgh at the time) and were offering a pretty nice financial aid package (back then they still accepted federal and state grants, too - they stopped during the Clinton administration). I, too, ended up at a Catholic college (though a slightly larger one) where they pretty much stayed out of their students' personal lives and even encourgaged discussion and debate on campus about issues like abortion.
Crop this, cry-baby bitches!
been there - christian college in the midwest ( separate gendered dorms, open house for three hours on sundays, no closed doors, no drinking, no dancing - because it lead to sex, required chapel every day) that's where i learned about circle jerks from a room mate, first heard the word 'cum' from the (same room mate - who hated dr king because his parents told him that he was communist ) and gave a LOT of backrubs.. a LOT.
but i didn't do porn.ummm. i didn't appear in porn..
Wait, this is on Randy Blue? How did I miss this?

Pardon me, I have something I need to attend to.

Um, praise Jesus!
So glad I depend on the real news every am from Slog - really folks - interesting, slightly, but news?

by: going to the NYT first from now on
"all four feet on the floor"?
Agricultural college?
Damn, I need to go to a Christian college.
So did anyone else see Dan's post blaming rap music for the problems in the black community? Or am I losing my mind? It was here for a second and the gone.
Looks like those guys are having a religious experience to me.
Sit down girls, and try not to faint:
part of diversity is the fact that some people choose not to engage in ButtSex or make ButtSex porno. And people who make those choices are free to have schools for like minded people. And when someone breaks the rules that they agreed to follow before they were admitted to the school they should expect to get kicked out. Without a refund. (but wait, lying is OK if it is done to make ButtSex porn!!)
Because; again you may want to sit down; not everyone's existence revolves around ButtSex.
Don't knock Donkey Sex until you have tried it.
I think that the whole world would be a lot happier if we all engaged in ButtSex on a regular basis.
21, You obsessively talk about buttsex more than anyone else on slog. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.
22, Hi my sockpuppet stalker. You know you're never going to get to touch my dick, no matter how much you beg.
I think the picture is cropped too tightly.
@26: Agreed!

And that four feet on the ground rule? Very odd... Cuz I can think of very fun ways to fuck with all four feet on the ground... And in some cases a couple of hands too.
Hey guys you're wrong...
they are shooting the new AXE deodorant ad..
Aren't they considerate (the AXE people)!!!!
This may be an obvious question, but where did "a student" see said video? How does the school feel about students surfing for buttsex, possibly even from a college owned network?
Perhaps bad wording on my part...everyone's feet on the floor at all times. Although like mentioned above, still could have lots of fun with it.

Yeah, close to home (Pittsburgh) and for a while they had a promo going where everyone got a free laptop and printer. And then I toured the place... I ended up at St. Vincent (Latrobe), and while not as crazy as GC, certainly didn't encourage real discussion, and certainly not about abortion. I had to fight and claw just to get some halfway decent ecumenical discussion and even that was given a wary eye.
fine looking young men in that there photo ... definitely gave me a smile today!

but yeah, about the whole christian college/homo thing? what are the odds? very, very high. if the cc/h folks i know are an accurate sampling, then yes. very, very high.
I wish they played the preppy thing - better buzz in my groin

And black underwear is so over - the Stranger creeps closer and closer to more porn.... OK, but get some taste in men

Sorry but if you are going to a cult school with these set of values you know what you are getting into. By going to a school with these value you are accepting what their mission statement is saying. Didn't he have hundreds of other colleges to choice from? Take responcilbity for your action. If it is a private school with these set of values and you choice to go there then your arguement loses value. Many schools have these type of values that must be followed whether you are in school or on your free time. This is understood when you go to these cult schools. (Brainwashing University) Using the arguement that you did this to pay for school is the same as saying you sold pot to go to school. Our society is becoming one were when you get caught you blame others rather then take responcibilty for your actions. I feel that these are the same type of people who eventually will cheat on their spouses or will get caught in some gay scandel down the road. There is nothing wrong with gay sex but don't do the deed that is on the internet and then protest later. Enjoy the sex and find another school.
Yeah, sorry to hear about the accident.
Who would have guessed you could cut your dick off sitting on a poorly designed unstable toilet seat? (of course, the designers didn't probably expect anyone with a dick to be sitting down to pee...) Good luck with the catheter and lawsuit.
Is Grove City even a Christian college? Or just a right-wing conservative college?

I was under the impression it was better known for its politics than its religion.
like the town it is in....grove city college is comprised of puritanical, uptight, republican presbyterians who use their alleged religious beliefs as an excuse to stay in the 17th century. i have no doubt that these people would still be burning " witches and herotics" in the center of town if they could legally get away with it. having had to come back to this hell hole for an extended period of time due to family issues... i have remembered all the reasons i left this place the 1st time and have added about 1000 other items to the list for my next departure. ok.. so the boy was on his knees ( .... and back...and face down...etc) in some videos.. this college forces the students to go to chapel 3 times a week ...he was just on his knees for reasons other than what the college intended! i mean...grove city college blows too... where's the problem? lol
ummm.. 1 more comment :

So many right winged few lions! :-D
With that kind of talent...who needs school?
I would like to enlighten some people on a few things about this case. His suspension has nothing to do with the fact that it is gay porn, but that it is PORN at all. School rules prohibit premarital sex. Similar punishments are handed out to heterosexuals on GCC campus as well. Gechter was fully aware of these policies. He has no ground to stand on.

And now, to address some Grove City myths and policies.

Yes, there is a chapel requirement, but it is not every day, or even three times a week. Students have to attend 16 a sememster, which equals one a week. Call that brainwashing if you like, but it is a religious school. Is a weekly dose of religion really that surprising?

Dorms are gender spearated, and there are rules for intervisitation. All the students hate it. There are NOT, however, gender separated cafeterias. There are several recreational facilities open 24/7 to both genders.

95% of students DATE. A few court, but that doesn't mean group dates, it means that they involve their families in the process and have the intention of eventual marriage. Most people just date though.

Call us Christians whatever you want, but that just makes you a hypocrite. Discrimination against religion is still discrimination. The word for this witch hunt you are conducting of Christians is called "persecution." You know, when you take a group of people and make judgements about them based on stereotypes and ignorance? Look in the mirror.
Cock sucking for Jesus.
Well I guess he got what he wanted, "Advertisement", now every one will want to buy it and have it in their collection. Go figure. Hope he becomes a millionaire and not even have to go to college. There is no where in the King James version of the Bible that states in Jesus words against homosexuality. He does, however speak of a woman that is divorced and another man takes up with her it is wrong and yet most people never mention that when they find out that a woman or man has been married several times (after divorce) society turns their head. If God can forgive that he will surely forgive the homosexual.
@30 - Yeah, St. Vincent is a little more conservative.

I went to Gannon University in Erie, which in those days was pretty liberal/progressive for a Catholic university. My freshman year, one of the students living in universtity owned apartments put a sign in her window that said "Pro-Choice and Proud". Not only did the university not make her take it down, it sparked all kinds of debate on campus about respect life issues and freedom of speech/freedom of religion.

Of course Gannon, like so many other Catholic instituions recently, has swung further to the right in recent years. It makes me kind of sad.
ok.. so. policies have changed. chapel requirements were 3 times a week as little as 5 yrs ago. as far as being a hypocrite....that couldnt be more untrue. i've been on the
"christian" side of the fence...and let me tell you that there isnt a more judgemental, hypocritical group of people with a penchant for persecution on the face of the earth( remember the crusades and the reformation?). "believers" expect to be able to live their lives according to their beliefs ( they want prayer back in display xmas and easter decorations....come door to door " witnessing for the lord")... however, non-believers and people of other faiths are persecuted daily by " the church" for wanting live their lives by their own beliefs or lack thereof.

however, thats not the topic here.. I still say what is done off campus is none of the schools business. none of this would have ever come up if some closet case hadnt been whacking to pics on the web.. found the sites john was on.. and decided to spread the news. ( btw.. what is the punishment for the kid who was looking at the porn??) i also am of the opinion ( being the articles are saying he's been at gcc for four years..i'm assuming he's a senior) that graduation is this month.. let him graduate.. he's gone.. problem solved. OR.. if he still has another year of college to go.. let him transfer his credits to another school and get on with his life... again. .prblem solved.
@17 beat me to it. So, doesn't that preclude walking? Or do you have to sort of shuffle your feet if you're walking with someone?
All four feet = both feet of both persons. (sheesh!)
ok upyoursgcc,

I get it. It's ok to judge and condemn people as long as they are Christian.

I think that your reply shows exactly what I am talking about. You are on this public website, preaching anti-Christianity based on what the "Church" does. First of all, what is this "Church?" There hasn't been an established church in over one hundred years. Christians today are grouped by something called denomination. Denominations interpret scripture differently. Several denominations even include homosexuals. Are these Christians judgemental persecutors? Or are you actually making statements about a diverse group of free-thinking people based on the stereotype of the fundamentalist Christian? Actually, if you read the entire article this is pulled from, John himself still claims to be a Christian. He also says that GCC is an excellent institution. His differences are legal. Since all Christians are close-minded, he must really be hounding himself.

As for your reference to the Crusades and the Reformation, I don't see what you are trying to say. The Crusades were an attempt to regain the Holy Land, fueled mainly by non-religious reasons (greed, power, corruption) and organized by a corrupt Pope who took advantage of pious and uneducated soldiers. No educated Christians today justify the Crusades. And the Reformation? A group of Christians had theological and sacramental differences of opinion and split from the Catholic church. Where's the persecution?

The school suspended a student for violating rules he was fully aware of before violating them. That's their right as a private institution, just as it was his right to violate them. He isn't being persecuted for being gay. The only ones judging people publicly for their beliefs would be you and your friends. Now I am going to judge you based on your actions.

You, sir, are a hypocrite.


"i've been on the
"christian" side of the fence...and let me tell you that there isnt a more judgemental, hypocritical group of people with a penchant for persecution on the face of the earth( remember the crusades and the reformation?)."

You obviously aren't aware of the Muslim word jihad. Read the Koran if you want some gay-bashing, woman-hating fun. There are also neo nazis, the KKK, and militant atheists that all are easily more judgemental and hypocritical.
Oi, a couple of problems.

That photo has ween. Surely there is some sort of (possibly laminated) note that says "Don't get the slog readers fired" or something.

ALSO, this new registered comments thing is FUCKING POINTLESS if I cant click on #17's picture and get some sort of profile so I can bang him. I mean that guy is hot COME ON PEOPLE.
Ooohhh yah! Let's start the whole "NSFW" discussion again. Good times.
i'm not going to argue with u.. obviously u have a stick up your ass for anyone who dares to bash your fair gcc. the ' gay' part of this makes no difference to me. i believe everyone has the right to live as they want without interference from others. christians,muslims, and any other religion who is evangelical think they have the right to "spread the word* i AM athiest and do not wish to deal with religion in any way, shape or form. society should be entirely secular outside of ones own home or church or religious school. what happens outside of those places is ones own business. I still say unless he was filming on college's none of the schools business.
I wish the handle "student" still belonged to the Mudede troll.
Judging by our Student commenter, the curriculum at Grove doesn't seem to emphasize spelling or grammar...or are "sememsters" different in some way from semesters? And, would the Administration approve of you looking at this scandalous website?
Alright upyours,
I'll let you pretend that you aren't just backing down because I refuted your points and called you a hypocrite. But I actually do have the right to "spread the word." It's this little thing called the First Amendment. You're still wrong on the legal aspect of the case as well. It is perfectly within the right of a private institution to set behavioral guidelines governing student action while enrolled, as long as no one's rights are violated. No one's rights have been violated.

Oh, and the stick up my ass is for people who judge denounce and degrade others based on their religion, bash the school all you want, but I don't see what you could really bash other than the fact that we are Christian, which makes you a bigot, or on the majority Conservatism, which is a valid argument if you can back it up. But certainly don't try to argue with a viewpoint thoughtlessly, or you will be stuck in the position you are in now: defeated.
who is backing down......i'm just tired of dealing with a little christian grove city college asshole. think what u want. you remind me so much of my deceased ( thank god) father. you're way is the only way and fuck those that dont agree with u. so.. if you'd like.. twist that stick a little every once in a while when u think of me... because .. yes.. i am a bigot when it comes to religious morons. i'm hardly defeated....just bored with u. buh bye now lil boy. ( by the way.......i did what i intended... got some grove city shithead stirred up)
Thanks, Michael. I did hit 'm' one too many times there, so I guess you can take my spelling grade down. I'll take a 99%. But my grammar is better than yours: an ellipses is not proper punctuation.
Oh upyours,

Who's stirred up? You are the one resorting to insults. I'm pretty certain I have been rational and calm throughout this little debate.

Who's intolerant of other's lifestyles? You are a self-proclaimed bigot, and hence a self-proclaimed hypocrite.

There. I did what I intended and got you to admit what you really are.
as i said before.. so many right winged christians.. so few lions
Nazi-like tendencies. Kill those who disagree. You sound a lot like gay bashers. Also, he has an innate inability to leave without the last word.
Also, I'm not right wing. Registered Democrat.
The guy that turned him in is the head of the Studen Government Association (complete dousche-fuck), but no he didn't get in trouble. Actually, he was on the appeal board that shut gechter down. The only problem with getting the person in trouble that found the picture is that pretty much everyone at the college has seen them and no one knows who actually found it (I think one of the wanna-be frats got it out). But anyway, yeah the kid's bi (believe me and all the girls on campus that he's gotten dirty with), and honestly I think it's appalling and immature that my fellow Grove City Students would treat him like this. I mean honesty, who hasn't had gay sex for a little extra spending money (kidding). Seriously though, I heard talk that they were going to suspend him and let him take a summer course and transfer it in for his last credit then send him the diploma. Sounds decent enough to me.
If that was supposed to be wrong why was the one that snitched looking at such material. He should be punished also for looking at such things. If you are not allowed to perform in them you should not be allowed to look at them either. Sounds like a double standard if you ask me. They claim they are basing their descision on the Bible but in the King James version Jesus never says anything in his words about homosexuality but He does say that if a woman is divorced any one that lies down with her is a sinner. Yet no one condems people that marry and divorce multiple times. Society thinks that is OK. Jesus did not!!! Bob
While Jesus might not have addressed the issue directly, I don't think you are reading the Old Testament. You may have heard of this famous one though, it's the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Look it up.
Wow. Leave him alone, guys. I was stupid (not in the same way, though) when I was a kid. That's why he's in school. He'll know better.
He is also a nude stripper at a gay club in Pittsburgh, would that get him kicked out of school twice then?
Good Lord, is that boy hungry, or what?? Besides, in my opinion, he's too young and too small, so like any good fisherman, it's "catch-and-release." Just throw him back into the water, until he's a little bit bigger.
@ 5: that's hilarious.

@ 10: I am so with you on that. The guy on the right is gorgeous. Although the video clip Dan linked to is pretty hot in general, not gonna lie...
Student, you're a moron. GCC is a fucked-up place. It has NO right mandating that its students (adults) canNOT have premarital sex, that won't stand up in court ever. No one gets to tell anyone else what to do, I don't care what papers you signed. He should fight this and rub GCC's nose in it when they lose. But you're still a moron, mainly because you're a Christian. Christians are morons by definition. They ought to be bashed continuously everywhere. They don't deserve respect. They are cowards who want everything their way.
I assure you, it will definitely stand up in court if it comes down to it. Ask a lawyer of any age, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. The US Constitution, which gives us our rights as Americans, also gives us the right to give those rights up. He did so willingly. The legal principle of Freedom of Association gives private institutions the right to enforce these agreements and has been consistently held up in the US legal system. They are some of the same laws that protect labor unions.

Seeing as you are a blatantly bigotted, incredibly ignorant, obviously under-educated, hypocrit, piece of shit, I suppose I won't be too harsh on you for your idiocy in your attitude towards Christianity. But I will say it's a good thing people don't take much stock in what people like you and upyours (who I'm pretty sure might just be you) think. It's people like you that lead to things like slavery, the KKK, and genocide. I think a coward is someone who sits behind his computer and reels off hate messages towards people he doesn't know based on their personal beliefs, and I am inclined to think the people on this website would agree with me on that point. Feel free to express your opinions, it is your right as an American. But you are wrong about the rights of private institutions and you are wrong about Christians.
By the way allofyoucandropdead,

John Gechter still considers himself a Christian, as any number of post-incident interviews with him has confirmed. He has just gone through a hard time with some things, as you may have read in the article above. I find it really terribly insensitive of you to publicly "bash" and disrespect him like this. I'll continue to pray for him, and maybe double it up now that I know whack jobs like you are out there publicly proclaiming him a "moron" based on his religion.
Enjoyed the humorous and ironic comments, and also the debate between an intelligent and respectful (for the most part) "Student" and his mentally overmatched adversary. I am peripherally familiar with Grove City College through my involvement with various freedom-loving organizations and forums. I am regularly solicited to support the college financially. I was unaware of their puritanical policies until now, so I am grateful that I've passed on their requests, choosing other freedom-loving institutions to support.

I also lend financial support to the gay porn industry. I think it is very unfortunate that GCC does not have room for someone with John Gechter's talents, but I would defend to the death (read that more rhetorically than literally) the right of GCC to run their private institution any way they want to (I hope you grammarians will forgive me for ending a sentence with a preposition). I commend GCC for resisting the heavy hand of an Uncle Sam who would dearly like to dictate their policies. Student is right that their questioned policy would hold up in court (at least until Obama has had enough time to appoint appropriately empathetic judges).

I'll end with a proposition for Student (no, not that kind of proposition since he seems to be straight). No student should leave GCC as a registered Democrat (somewhat surprised to learn that the school accepts your type). I hope you will explore the exciting principles of libertarian philosophy and thereby graduate a truly well educated young man.
Just realized now that Student has the distinction of being 69 among the commenters. His secret is safe with me. Given the circumstances, my lips are (regrettably) sealed.
Thanks Freedomlover, I especially love the part about the "mentally overmatched adversary."

Now I would like to make a confession. I lied. I am not a registered Democrat at all. I was just trying to invoke some thought on the part of the others in the discussion. I'm one of those, research and vote on principle over party people, and I have a conservative leaning. We do, however, have a Democratic party club with at least 15 members. And while I see wisdom in Libertarian policy, I won't vote for it until it is amended to be a little less idealistic and a little more plausible.

Thanks again!
to #54 upyoursgc

It is lamentable that from a "Christian" community, someone so brimming with bitterness can emerge. It is clear you had no basic advantages given to those who attend GCC, such as parental love and support, family values, exposure to higher education, and I am guessing your family was on public assistance, correct? I had the love of my parents and they did their best, and I suppose I should try to understand where you are coming from, but--

It is not too late to make a difference in the world or in your own life. You can still learn, find classes to advance your future. Stop "thanking God" that your father is dead. Doesn't that stand in stark opposition to your "atheism"? Start wondering what you can do to brighten the world. Gechter's problems are nothing compared to yours.
You are forgiven for your white lie, Student, and redeemed intellectually by your confession. I have encountered so many young people who can't figure out where they fit in the Republican/Democrat divide, only to discover that they are, in fact, lower-case libertarians in search of an upper-case party. All the best to you.

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