Larry Stickney and Gary Randall founded a new organization yesterday to try to repeal Washington’s recently passed domestic-partnership bill, according to records filed with the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission. They call the group Protect Marriage Washington. Three lawmakers are joining them on the board: State Representative Jim McCune (R-2), Representative Matt Shea (R-4), and state Senator Dan Swecker (R-20).

McCune possesses an impressive report card of zany right-wing bills. In this year’s legislative session, he sponsored a bill to limit marriage to one man and one woman (which is already the law), another to create "In God We Trust" license plates (sweet Jesus), and a third bill designating English as the official language of the state (no bueno). Shea, in addition to filing a bill banning Washington from recognizing same-sex marriages, introduced a bill to declare the state’s sovereignty under the 10th Amendment. All died in committee. In God we trust, indeed.

As for Stickney, who I must have called 20 times now to ask about his plans, never answers the phone or returns my messages. So weird... Hey, Larry, it’s not like one faggot is gonna come ruin your marriage or anything. We need two faggots—two married faggots—to ruin marriage, remember? So, like, call me, hot stuff.

Speaking of Larry Stickney’s marriage, his wife is also listed as a board member on the paperwork. Her name is Pollyanna Stickney. Quite an appropriate name for an overly confident campaign with no legs. Polling shows state voters support marriage or all the rights of marriage (i.e., domestic partnerships) by 66 percent.

In other things absurd, Gary Randall—carpetbagger of the poor and infamous—is also a board member. The group has not yet filed any donations or expenditures.