ah, george. he is more than missed.

"you know, i'll bet he's down there somewhere, looking up at us..."
Selling is legal
Cleaning products are legal
--why is meth illegal?

Selling is legal
Possessing organs are legal
--why is selling organs illegal?

Cleaning products actually aren't meth. In fact it's completely legal to use cleaning products to get yourself high as far as I know as long as you don't CREATE meth out of it. Besides, Carlin might very well disagree with meth being illegal, for all I know.

And selling parts of your body isn't necessarily illegal, either. Men and women can sell sperm, eggs, and plasma in some areas as well as offer their bodies up for human research for pay.
The Big Sister Brothel in Prague has this exact business model you mention. You sign a release form and they stream the video to online subscribers.…
Yes, yes, yes. And in related news, cheap sex (brothels, street prostitution, craigslist) is pathetic, and hardly worth your time. Might as well be illegal. You'd get more of a rush for knowing you're doing something naughty and baaaaad than you would cumming in whatever Alien egg you're fucking.

If you have l33t skillz, try to work your way into a breeder bed--with no money involved. For afterlulz, send the wife anonymous e-mails from bogus gmail accounts detailing little facts about her husband you know. Haha win.
Shit. Piss. Fuck. Cunt. Cocksucker. Motherfucker. and Tits! George had a way with words; And he was right I mean tits doesnt even come close.
what holly mains meant to say is:

drinking is legal
driving is legal
why is drinking and driving illegal?

answer: because its retarded. Just like meth and selling organs.

And you can sell your organs to any idiot who wants to buy it, although it wouldn't do them any good since its still in your body. Just like selling the Brooklyn bridge. You just cant sell any organ that has been removed from your body, just like you (unless you are red cross) cant own any organ that has been removed from a body legally. Although, you can rent out your organs to someone else, like your uterus for example in a surrogate child arrangement. Be more logical in your logical arguments, dammit!
Dan, you missed his very important next line... (that also voids @2's drug analogy)

"Why is it illegal to sell something that is perfectly legal to give away for free? -GC
@7 How do you know what holly mains meant to say?

And what the fuck is wrong with selling sex? You're not killing anyone (like you could if you were to drive drunk). You're allowed to place your sex and your body on some pedestal if you want, no one is saying that you have to buy or sell sex. It's sex. It's fucking. It's good times. People do it a lot.

People also pay for message. You get naked. Someone rubs up all over your naked body. They oil you up and rub you down. It's a very physical experience that some might even consider intimate, some even consider it foreplay!

What's the big fucking deal? It's just fucking!
Pitching prostitution as an opportunity to star in a porn film is both brilliant and obvious. Amazes me that it's not standard practice in the sex industry.
@5: "cheap sex (brothels, street prostitution, craigslist) is pathetic, and hardly worth your time."

Such a high horse!

Conspicuously absent from your list - bath houses, parks, restrooms, rest stops, - and the zillions of other places gay men go for a quick fuck.

Just be happy you get for free what most het men have to pay for.
Some people are happy to do their own gardening. I, on the other hand, will happily pay someone else to do it for me. There are people who will gladly take my money to cut my grass and weed my garden for me. This is a legal and perfectly ethical exchange. I'm not quite sure I understand why the same would not be the case if a person wished to achieve orgasm, was happy to pay someone to assist him, and someone else was willing to accept money in exchange for that service. Why do we differentiate between levels of service? It's legal to pay someone to clip your nails or wax your pubic hair. It's legal to pay someone to rub your back - but heaven forfend their hands stray or legality will have been compromised!
Another legacy of "Christian" bullshit. They want you producing children for their cult instead of using your sexual energy on prostitutes.Their churchs need to be taxed to pay for these "morality" laws.
pretty sure prostitution is illegal in Muslim countries...
You are correct. Porn is a form prostitution. It is duplicitous. Actors & actresses get compensated (some handsomely) to perform consensual sex acts in front of a camera. This crackdown on Eastlake was ridiculous.
I agree it should be legal. But until then, don't minimize the vast numbers of women and girls who are victims of trafficking and forced (if not physically then financially) to work as prostitutes.

In fact, most women involved in prostitution are doing it for something other than free will: trafficking, pimp/boyfriend, addiction, etc.

@Dan: There's an old saying "You don't pay a prostitute for sex, you pay for descresion."

Prostitution is illegal because it gives women too much power, both in small and large ways.

@lark: The difference is: In porn, 'both' people get paid / neither of them pay for the sex.

From the point of the seller, it may be the same (ie you are "prostituting yourself") - but from a commercial standpoint - you are not serving the public in the same manner.

From a socio-sexual standpoint - it allows for rich men to exploit poor women without giving women too much power to exploit them back.

@bigyaz : Human Trafficking and Slavery are the results of an unregulated market.

We need to get rid of the mentality that "banning" a product or service makes it go away.

The world isn't divided into "legal" and "illegal" products and services, just "regulated" and "unregulated".

History has repeatedly proven that a complete lack of oversight results in abuse and danger.

George's witty speech made me remember a cartoon once I've seen in Playboy:
a young woman leaving a church tells the pastor β€œIf sex is dirty and degrading and will ruin my life, why should I save it for someone I love?”
Sounds like a great business plan! He will be missed
Yes Dan Savage i also Don't understand why. if someone wants to sell themselves for money they should be allowed too.
What some people don't understand is there are alot of people in the world that can't get sex so easily, so they have no option but to pay for it to satisfy a need, why should they be made to feel dirty or like a criminal, everyone enjoys sex so why should they miss out !
It is 100% true, i also do not understand it.

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