So they knew each other for nine years, we're "bros" enough to move in together, but bringing chicks home pissed Valente off, so they fight, he beats the shit out of his friend in bed, he goes down to the precinct, they question him, release him, he goes home and stabs him to death. Makes perfect sense. People are fucked up.

In related news, the SPD might benefit from spending more time observing violent suspects and a little less time busting people for getting handjobs. Who knows, might save a life. Call me crazy.
Your headline is just plain incorrect. The police did NOT release a murder suspect -- the murder didn't occur until AFTER the release.

He's still a suspect. We don't KNOW that he killed him. I mean we do, but, you know, we don't.
*the. Man I'm messing things up. Okay no more Slog today.
Is "administrative reassignment" an action or a state of being? I understand that someone can be "put on administrative leave" (which means forced to take a vacation while still being paid) but how can you put someone "on reassignment"?

Jonah, I think when SPD tells you this, it would be useful to find out to where -- if anywhere -- the officer was reassigned.
@ 4

Yes, he's still a suspect, but the headline IS misleading. It suggests that he was suspected of murder at the time he was released. He wasn't. He was a potential suspected murderer at the time of release. Headlines should not just "not lie," they should also get at a complete truth.

But man that's hard to do in eight words or less. Eight words or fewer?

Eh. I give up.
poe are you back on heroin?
celebrate divershitty
"It is unclear in this case why Alvarez-Guerrero was not booked into King County Jail."

Yeah, not so much. If you read the redacted copy of the report, they discuss how the suspect had recently had hand surgery, still had stitches, and had reinjured his hand. And that the King County Jail would decline to book him because of the preexisting injury.

Officers removed him, made an efort to book him, and when that failed released him. There are limits to what can be done, especially when the victim declined to cooperate.

Is it sad that dude returned and finished off his roommate? Yes. Is it a priori SPD's fault? Nope.

Hindsight is great, but it so often involves staring out of your ass after you insert your head . . .
I guess they caught the guy in Fresno, that was quick. I have to commend the detective/police on this one.…
Wow, did he fly to Fresno? If not, that is a long drive. He didn't waste *any* time going home, killing his roommate, and then booking it to California.

@10 - Why can't the SPD book someone who has an injury? Couldn't they take him for treatment first?

I wasn't even sure if it was possibly to drive to Fresno from Seattle that quickly, but according to Rand McNally's trip planner it's a 14-15 hour drive, and he was released at 3 am. I bet he was attempting to hightail it to Mexico after he killed his roommate.
@6: KUOW is reporting this morning that the officer was put on administrative leave.
So officers get put on administrative leave when they release a man who subsequently murders another man, but what happens when an officer assaults a bystander and puts him in a coma? Anything?

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