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Expect Oscar buzz for Like Dandelion Dust - heartbreaking, poignant, hopeless - another reminder that children are not merchandise and should only be made with a "sense & sensibility" license. Had to miss The Cock Collage - did I miss anything?
Marcello Marcello and Mid-August Lunch are my choices today.

That said, I loved A French Gigilo and think Summer Hours is great.

The Strength of Water is a great film, but it's depressing. Go play in the park instead. Very accurate, but still ...
I think all Americans should see Food Inc, sadly it already has had the two screenings it will have at SIFF, it is opening wide on June 12th. I think too many people have no idea how their food is made and the suffering, both animal and human alike, is involved in that process.
Wow, Food Inc was a real downer.

And I mean that literally.

No way I would recommend other people on SIFF overload watch that - wait till it comes out on IFC and Sundance channel.

Good film, but all you city folk really never did want to know where your food comes from.

P.S.: Vegetables scream when you rip them from the earth and slaughter them, FYI.
Oh please. Like Dandelion Dust is to poignant indie film as Safeway is to organic food - it draws you in, but the more you look at the details, the more you see that it is totally a waste of time. This movie was all about generic class clashes, tired poor man's substance abuse and rich man's lack of ethics, and overall tearing at the heart strings of white, middle- to upper-class mommies. Sure, Barry Pepper definitely has poor, downtrodden, and mentally troubled down, and Mira Sorvino sure knew how to take a beating and keep on ticking (too much?), but this is just the same Hollywood formula of great actor + slum/criminal/underclass = real and deep subject matter. No. And hell no. This movie was a sorry excuse of American acting and independent filmmaking. For those who expect a cerebral experience from SIFF, skip it. Sorry JG, will not be taking your film advice going forward.

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