A spokesman for Referendum 71, which is attempting to repeal a recent domestic partnership bill, announced yesterday that the campaign had printed petitions and delivered them around Washington. "30,000 petitions were distributed this weekend all across the state by Larry Stickney, myself, Faith and Freedom board members and an army of volunteers who share the urgency of this issue," wrote Gary Randall on his blog.

But is Randall an army of one? Protect Marriage Washington, the group sponsoring the referendum, hasn't updated it's Twitter feed in a week. I couldn't find anything on the official website about getting petitions. And yesterday I talked to several folks who have requested petitions and others closely watching Referendum 71, and none has seen the petition anywhere.

So... have you seen it? Any Slog readers in Eastern Washington? Loveschild? Anyone?

(And if you have seen it, how did they get 114 pages of text onto one piece of paper?)