I want to move to Alaska so I can live in a magical fairy-land too. It's like Canada, only with less health insurance!
Hee hee Letterman cracks me up. He better not apologize!
Bristol already had a kid . . it’s the next daughters turn at that abstinence thingy.

@1 But with a lot more socialism than what's in the lower 48.
Not cool.
Where's the backlash against Palin raising her daughters horribly?

What is it with Letterman and other Neanderthals and unwed mothers?

The trend is increasing towards having children out of wedlock even for the upper classes:…

"The mothers are part of a far-reaching social trend unfolding across the United States: The number of children being born out of wedlock has risen sharply in recent years, driven primarily by women in their 20s and 30s opting to have children without getting married. Nearly four out of every 10 births are now to unmarried women. "
That seemed like much more of a jab at Arod, don't get me wrong they're both pretty good whores but on the scale of whoredom Arod has whats her face way outdone.
That's almost funny.
I hope Dave knows better than to give a fuck.
Oops, I was defending Letterman elsewhere today, thinking it was Bristol. When the joke's about the almost 19 year old daughter whose on the cover of People magazine talking about the terror that is sexual experience, it's fair game. The other one -- not so much -- even if it does make it sort of funnier.

Of course, the fool I was arguing with said "Can you imagine the outrage if somebody had made that joke about Obama's daughter?" Because an 11 and 9 year old are totally the same to some apparently.
So A-Rod can't knock her up too?
Smooth move X-lax. Well it could be worse, he could have said something about Arod and Trig.
I hope Dave lives to be 150.
If they (the Palin Family) are sticking with the whole absitnence only education thing, its really just a matter of time before the younger one gets knocked up... Dave's just ahead of the curve.
Remember, if you want tax subsidies and welfare queens, Alaska is the place to be!

Dave is just being prescient, as Tina points out.
When a comedian and comedy writers hear "Sarah palin and her daughter" what the fuck are they supposed to think, of course they're going to think of Bristol, because they're overshadowed by Bristol being the face of the failure of abstinence only education and a redneck upbringing.
By the way, when is the Carribou Barbie Doll hitting the shelves? Will there be an inflatable version? Oh, how bout the Real Doll Caribou Barbie model. Why does that half wit make me think of sex dolls anyway?
He got a big laugh. That's his job.
what if any kid of a famous controversial person becomes fair game to the media?
what would that be like, Dan?
I'd bet Willow is getting pretty sick of hearing the don't be a big ol' slut like older sis Bris speech.
It's funny cause it's true.
@20 glass house

If Dan shoves his kid in front of the media and uses that kid as a prop for some silly agenda... then sure, the media has every right to pick on that kid.
@18 - Exactly. The current understanding of "Palin's Daughter" is the hypocritical Bristol, not any of the others that were named in an drug-enduced haze. (Bristol = ESPN HQ location; Willow = Mom's fav. movie?; Trig = Mom's least fav. school subject?; Track = Mom was on the NordicTrack when her water broke?)

Doubtful that Letterman knew which daughter was along for the ride, probably on the Alaska State tab.

The joke was really more on A-Rod, who just bounced from Madonna to Kate Hudson.
Would there be an uproar if it were said about Obama's daughters, sure. And all the pundits from the other side would scream from the rooftops and cable stations that people need to lighten up, it's only a joke. You know, like watermelons on the White House lawn, or saying Obama bin Laden. Just good, clean, American fun. Everybody join in!!! Borat style. It's a joke, it's all jokes. I'm here all week. Please tip your waitresses.
It's just a matter of time until that little tart gets preggers. It's the "Alaska Way". Knocked up in 6 months, guaranteed.
Just for fun, he should issue an apology. To A-Rod.
right, dave. RAPE JOKES ARE ALWAYS FUNNY. except, they're really not.

and you look like an asshole.

holy fucking hell, when will people get tired of this shit?
What the hell else is there to do in Wasilla? Of course she'll end up pregnant. One hopes not just yet, though.
@28. Rape? Get a fucking sense of motherfucking humor. Jesus. Fuck.
@ 20, 25,

You mean like the comments Republicans made about Chelsea Clinton? Funny, Republicans didn't have any problems with mocking her and she was only 12.
like writing a book called 'the kid'?

What if it's a clown being raped? You can't tell me that's not funny.
This is not a joke about hypocrisy, abstinence-education, bad parenting or any of the other GOOD reasons to make fun of the Palin clan.

It's just good ol' fashioned slut shaming.

Not impressed.
Letterman shouldn't apologize...

It's only a matter of time before Willow follows in her family's footsteps...

I will let Dan (or someone who has actually read it) comment on that, but from what I gather the book doesn't use the kid as a major political prop and force upon the nation a hypocrisy therein.

You are grasping at straws. But then, I wouldn't expect much else from a troll like you.
@ 24, A-Rod's bangin Kate Hudson now? No more MILF lovin from McDonna for Pay-Rod? Is fuckin a steroid riddled mega rich jock a revenge fuck for Ms. Hudson against that skinney assed southern fried stoner singer of the Black Crowes?

Oh, Ms. Guvner, when the next one gets preggers will you rethink your abstinence only policy, or are you gonna quit hunting elk and start hunting teenage boys?
Rape? he doesn't say or even indicate rape.

Knocked up. . .that's what us Hoosiers call it when the teens are fornicatin' and get. . . knocked up.

i think he should apologize, it could be great. dave could probably work it into something funny... i, too, on first listen, thought it was the publicity-seeking 19 year-old marriage-shirking-single-mother abstinence-only advocate daughter that went with sarah palin to the baseball game, not one of her other children. if dave can't work that into a humorous apology he's not really qualified for his job. which does bring up a good question... where was bristol during the seventh inning stretch?
drill, baby, drill, yabetcha **wink**
Palin loves the attention ..... it's worth another milion in right wing fundraising next week.....and she totally outshines Newt boy with this Palin v. Letterman contretemps.

she WWF all the way. Newt can't compete. She may ride this to a nomination and another defeat. In fact, you know, maybe she'll be defeated for president for the next 16 years.....and she will laugh her way to the bank the whole time.

Think of it as WWF.
It's even more hilarious with the underraged daughter, lol
Fer fucks' sake, what a bunch of WATBs.
I try not to do the whole "you are a bad parent" thing based on "news" reports, but Palin clearly doesn't understand how to protect her children. Why on earth would she draw more attention to a stupid joke, by making it uglier and more personal.
"Oh honey look, that old man made a sex joke about you, I'm going to call a press conference really put a fine point on that joke about you being fucked by an idiot baseball player. Enjoy high school!"
No. No it doesn't.
I have to say, as little as I like Sarah Palin, and as compliant as Bristol has been, Bristol really doesn't deserve this shit. She is 19 fucking years old, she hooked up with an idiot, she has an idiot for a mother, and idiot for a father, a criminal for a grandmother (or is it sort-of-mother-in-law -- I can't keep them straight) and has been thrust into this ridiculous position as a "role model" for Christian teens. Yeah, she was on the cover of People. If you were 19, maternally oppressed, politically bullied, and totally out of your depth, would you refuse the cover of people?

Sarah Palin made her parenting methods fair game. That does not make her children fair game. It does not make Chelsea Clinton or Amy Carter or Sasha and Malia Obama or even Jenna and the other one fair game. They do not control their parents. Even as adults, they can control themselves, if they have been brought up well or are able to overcome their circumstances, but they cannot make their parents into smart, discreet, unselfish, non-publicity-whores people, any more than their parents can make their children into angelic, abstinent anti-Aparthheid activists or heating-fuel-for-the-poor spokesmen or board members for the School of American Ballet -- although they can try. Acnyway, Sarah deserves any shit she gets. Bristol, not so much.

Palin is such a huge treasure trove of late night fodder, you shouldn't have to sink to the level of calling her and her daughters sluttly to get some good laughs at her expense.
I'm fine with Sarah Palin being the brunt of jokes, as she is a public figure. If Bristol continues to put herself into the spot light as an emancipated adult, than I suppose she opens herself to criticism. But, I don't condone jokes made at Palin's minor children's expense. (Yes, I'm aware that the joke was really about A-Rod and Letterman may have not realized that it was Bristol's younger sister.) I consider all children mine, Palin's, Obama's, Savage's, etc., off limits while they are minors and not openly choosing to put themselves under the public microscope. So, I don't think an apology is inappropriate.
i love letterman. and the joke was not directed at the 14 year old but the adult child, Bristol, who is very much in the spotlight, one she will find quite harsh, given her conflicting comments about abstinence.

but as much as i love letterman, come on people - today should have been all about Colbert and his DADT formidable opponent segment last night.

is Dan asleep at the switch? Rahm's man, Obama, tiptoes around DADT while Colbert travels to Iraq and does a piece in front of our troops that shines a light on the stupidity of DADT. (by the way, they seemed to be able to handle it.)

Stephen Colbert has the largest, brassiest balls in the world. first he took on George and just as viciously, the Press (with a capital P) at the correspondents' dinner. now, he's in Iraq and taking on the subject of DADT.

meanwhile, Rahm ( mister "tough guy-take no prisoners-f you- don't mess with me or i'll have you for lunch") is hiding under his chair because he thinks NOM has power.

it's all about Colbert, people. get on board.

cuz if you miss it (miss it, miss it), i'll feel sorry for you....
its a joke get over it..stupid pundits
Everyone in favor of Todd Palin kicking David Letterman’s ass, please raise your hand…
And for those of you who say it's just a joke, take a look at how well liberals take "jokes"

MSNBC’s whorish Contessa Brewer can’t understand why Sarah Palin took offense to being called slutty…

Anyone who actually believes that Letterman was talking about the Palin's underage daughter, is a complete idiot. If you have any social/political awareness whatsoever, it's blatantly obvious the he was referring to Palin's 19 year old (ADULT) daughter Bristol. You know the one that is taking it upon HERSELF to get her face in front of camera's and do interviews for magazines. She (Bristol) is fair game for criticism regarding her beliefs and hypocrisy.

That being said, I do believe Letterman's joke about BRISTOL was over the line as well as the "slutty flight attendant" joke. I'm glad that Dave went back and "clarified" the joke for those who don't seem to be able to get it, although he shouldn't have had to. I appreciate that Dave also admitted "Am I guilty of poor taste? Yes". Although, as anyone that regularly watches him knows, that's just the nature of the show.
slobizman, you're a hypocrite. It's OK for YOU to call a news anchor (CITIZEN that's just doing her job) "whorish", but NOT OK for Dave Letterman to use the word "slutty" when describing a wardrobe style. He didn't even direct that to her as a person, such as you did to Contessa Brewer.

For those of you that are complaining about this, just get over it already. He already retracted his statement, said he regretted saying it, and admitted that he was guilty of poor taste.

What's really poor taste, is the fact that the Palin's are using this (as well as their daughters) as a media stunt, with their false outrage, in order to keep themselves in the spotlight. Who knows this issue alone may have brought in another half million for her PAC (That's Political Action Committee for those of who are completely clueless on these things). That's why they are pulling this stunt. It really doesn't have ALL that much (although maybe a little) to do with their anger over the statements. It's a political ploy, and unfortunately Letterman unknowingly helped them out.
Wait, remind me why I'm supposed to be all indignant?
I don't think DL intended it as a "rape" joke. He said "knocked up" and he may have thought the daughter was Bristol or older than 14. Of course, there are sexually active 14 year-olds. And how old was Bristol her "first time"? We know she was pregnant at 17; she may have lost her virginity as young as 16, if not 15.
Oh come on. The people who are bitching all get their marching orders from Rush and Hannity and Michael Savage and all the rest of the "entertainers" who dominate middle America's airwaves with a constant drumbeat about the "liberal media elite." None of the regular viewers of Letterman think this is a big deal. It is an astroturf outrage movement, ginned up by the most offensive blow-hards on earth.

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