No one has to tell me that I sucked during this appearance on CNN. Way too aggro, way too much shouting. Something about this format brings out the drunk-Irish-Catholic-uncle-losing-it-at-Thanksgiving in me. I apologize in advance if you opt to watch it. I'm only posting it because it illustrates just how much damage the Obama administration has done to itself—where gay issues and advocates are concerned—with that "incest and child rape and gay marriage, oh my!" DOMA brief last week.

I went on CNN last Friday night with Stampp Corbin, the former co-chair of the Obama LGBT Leadership Council during the presidential campaign and a San Diego City Commissioner, to argue about whether or not the Obama is "selling out the gay community." Campbell Brown wanted us to talk about the gays-in-the-military sellout, which was old news by last Friday night. I had just finished reading the DOMA brief that dropped Friday morning—which partly explains why my head was exploding—and I wanted to talk about that sellout. Corbin was there to defend Barack Obama. And he tried...

Oh, give the president time, there's so much on his plate, we'll see a little fierce advocacy sooner or later: Corbin ran us through all the usual excuses for the Obama's reluctance/refusal to act on any of the promises Obama made to the gay community. Which is what makes this development so significant: Stampp Corbin is the latest gay bigwig to pull out of next week's big gay DNC fundraiser. At some point between last Friday night and this morning Corbin sat down and read the DOMA brief and guess what? His head is exploding now too. This is from Corbin's post at San Diego News Network website, a post titled "The DOMA Brief Ruined Everything":

The president says he is a “fierce advocate” for LGBT rights. Really? I don’t think comparing a marriage to my partner, to marrying my niece or sister, is being my fierce advocate. I expect the president will try to distance himself from the brief and even the press statement, but it is too late. If how I feel, as one of the president’s most ardent supporters, is any indication, Obama is in for a world of trouble over the next year with the LGBT community.... Unfortunately, I will see everything that the Obama administration does for LGBT Americans through the lens of the DOMA brief. Meaning, I will be waiting for the other proverbial shoe to drop, while praying President Obama delivers on his promises.

Next week, I am boycotting the Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council Democratic National Committee event honoring Vice President Biden to drive home my discontent. Many other prominent LGBT donors have also joined in the boycott. Is the announcement of benefits for LGBT federal employees to squash the boycott and the general uproar? Hmm…In politics, money talks. It is unlikely that Obama just put together this announcement in the last week to throw a bone to my community; it has been in the works for many weeks. I would have celebrated loudly had this been announced before the DOMA debacle, but now I will only give polite, muted applause. That pesky DOMA brief has ruined everything.

Mr. President, your DOMA mistake awakened a sleeping giant. He is mad as hell and is not going to take it anymore. You better get LGBT affirming legislation moving quickly or the coffers of the LGBT community will be slammed shut on the fingers of your administration and the DNC.