Except when it can.

The White House has decided to ignore certain provisions in the new war spending bill that the administration considers unconstitutional. Obama isn't challenging the law in court, he's not asking Congress to change the law. He's just going to ignore it. Take it away John:

Remember, President Obama won't even do what is legally in his power to do with regards to providing gay federal employees health benefits, opposing DOMA in court, or issuing a stop-loss order to halt the two-a-day discharge of gay US service members—all things that are legally in the president's power to do under US law. Team Obama's logic? The law is the law, and they won't challenge US law, lest they look like the lawless Bush administration that preceded them. But when it comes to outright ignoring US law, claiming the law is unconstitutional and not even going to court to prove their case, then the Obama team is happy to ignore the law—provided the law has nothing to do with those pesky homosexuals and their inconvenient human rights.

But, hey, the DNC raised a $1 million* last week at their big gay fundraiser, so... we're good, right?

* I'll believe it when I see the financial reports. So far we've only heard that number from an unnamed "DNC source," someone who would be interested in tamping down the controversy and convincing people that only a handful of crazy bloggers were pissed about the DOMA brief. There were 180 people at the fundraiser and tickets were $1000 a piece and not everyone paid to attend. Some people paid more than $1000, but for 180 people to raise $1 million dollars the average attendee would have to have donated more than $5,500. Doable, sure, but I want to see the financial reports.