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Say what you will about the GOP but their strategy in Minn. was pretty good. The GOP knows the Democrats are a coalition party that's easily splintered. So you just keep them from getting the 60 vote majority for the early days of the Obama administration and wait for the Democrats to start showing signs of their traditional splintering. Once that begins, let Franken be seated. Then it won't matter.
Please let us all not forget that several of the attorneys on Coleman's team are from and live in Seattle. Let us welcome them back home with a wrath..welcome home Dickheads!
@1 the republicans aren't actually that smart, this was no kind of long range, well thought out plan. It started as a shot-in-the-dark-hope-like-hell-we-can-litegate-a-win, and then became obstructionist for the sake of being obstructionist. They didn't "let" Franken be seated, they just ran out of options for preventing it.
Hahahaha, nice. Watch out all Lying Liars, here comes Senator Franken!
Wow. I'm kinda surprised. I thought Coleman would take it to the US Supreme Court before giving up.

Coleman was likely facing pressure from the GOP after the incredible legal costs accrued during this whole case. 8 months of litigation gets mighty expensive, nevermind an appeal to the Federal Supreme Court.
Coleman is giving up to run for MN gov now that Pawlenty's out of the race. Hopefully Norm will be run out of town on a rail.
Its about time. I stopped caring months ago.
I'm glad to hear it's over. I've been prone to think of him as the guy who did a Jagger impression in tight white pants….
It's nice to think of him as Senator Franken.
I would SOOOO wish to see Jesse Ventura go kick his ass there again.
the senate is about to get a lot more sarcastic and droll. i'm going to enjoy this a lot.
I LOOOOVE the fact that the author of "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot - and other observations" is now, finally, in the U.S. senate. He is too moderate for my taste but I'll take this as good news nonetheless
I now yeild the balance of my time to Stuart Smally. Because he's smart enough, good enough and gosh darn it, people like him!

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