Wow, sounds like a real winner.
"previously been charged with multiple counts of burglary and drug possession, as well as theft, two DUIs and a hit and run."

And all it took was a pink-bandana vigilante with a can of pepper-spray to put an end to his crime spree...

If this isn't an origin story for a superhero, it should be.
Court records say Grundstrom—who is being charged with Malicious Harassment, the state's hate crime statute—has previously been charged with multiple counts of burglary and drug possession, as well as theft, two DUIs and a hit and run.

It's both funny and sad that the world's most obnoxious bigots are also the world's biggest losers.
@4 It makes a lot of sense. I mean, the guy's already been an asshole by stealing shit, driving drunk and hitting people with his car, now he's also an asshole gay-basher.
So, what's a pink bandana in hanky code?
@6, look it up, Bacon"cat", don't you have access to teh intermets? If that, indeed, is your real name...

Props to anonymous gay man for being armed with pepper spray. Sweet. My ninja eggshells- containing- blinding- powder always break before I can deploy them. :(
If I recall correctly a pink bandana can be tit torture, but I think this is a different context perhaps.
Oh and I am glad this asshole was both sprayed and arrested.
"multiple counts of burglary and drug possession, as well as theft, two DUIs and a hit and run" -- why the hell was this loser not ALREADY in jail for life?
@7: I prefer the subtle stimulation of people playing semantic tug of war over traditions.

And Baconcat is indeed my real name. My lab identifier is #B4C0ZC47-F4G.
If this is an example of who hates me for being gay, and I believe it is representative, then good. Scum like him are the result of the world's Hutcherson's preachings. And I really enjoyed the part about the pepper spray!
That. Is. Awesome! Good for that pink bandanna fag! I should get some pepper spray.
Can we please get one of those racist trolls here to speculate as to the race of the perp?

#10, he only had two DUIs.
Pink bandana=pepper spray top

The perp knew what he was getting into
The rolling stones were wrong, i can get satisfaction. nice job with the pepper spray
oh wait, he was right, that is a double negative statement
Grundstrom is white, I know him. He's homeless and has addiction and mental health issues. I'm not surprised he made the news for this, he also used to accuse me of being 'reverse-racist' if I sided with someone of color over him in disputes. He is, however, a sad, fucked up man. I'm not being an apologist, just really sad he still hasn't gotten the helps he needs and probably never will.
Not really surprising. He probably has untreated mental illness, or he was on drugs, or both. I'm just relieved that Mr. pink bandana didn't end up like Shannon Harps.
Thank goodness we have thieving, racist junkies like this clown who can't drive without drinking and having car accidents (which they flee from) to tell us how evil gay people are.
Pepper spray, awesome... that's exactly what it should be used for. It's non lethal, causes no permanent injuries and works most of the time on wackos threatening to kill homos. I keep a police size can in my car and if that doesn't work I have a taser and if that doesn't work the collapsible baton. I don't want carry a gun so I figure the next best thing is to carry all the less lethal stuff the cops do in the car. I'm gay and if I was in that situation I would have sprayed him too. You go girl! I personally like Sabre Red or Counter Assault.

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