That's the basic point of this column at CNN by LZ Granderson. A quick reaction: You can think Barack Obama is doing a lousy job on gay issues, which I do, without thinking that "gay is the new black," which I don't. Segregation is a problem in the gay community, true, just as it's a problem in many areas of American life; white and black college kids tend to self-segregate too. Social segregation in the gay community is unfortunate but it isn't evidence that racism is a bigger problem in the gay community than it is in other communities.

And you can't argue that all white gay people everywhere bear collectively responsibility for the actions of one or two hateful homos who shouted racial slurs at black people at Prop 8 protests and that the gay community needs to do something needs to be done about that and then turn around and argue that the straight African American community bears no responsibility whatsoever for the passage of Prop 8 despite having voted overwhelming to strip same-sex couples of the right to wed in California and that the African American community doesn't need to do anything about that.

And the African American experience of oppression on this continent is unique and horrendous and blood-soaked. No question, no argument. Does that mean gay people—black and white—shouldn't press for our rights? Or that we should press for them with less urgency?

And finally... it's not just white gay people who are upset with Barack Obama: LZ Granderson meet Pam Spaulding.