The woman in the video below, filmed in a Walmart parking lot yesterday in Port Angeles, supports marriage rights for same-sex couples, she told Chris Mason, 27, who filmed this clip as part of a documentary. So why did she agree to sign Referendum 71, which would repeal the domestic partnership bill?

The man in the video, who's working for the anti-gay Protect Marriage Washington, uses misleading tactics. First, he says the referendum would give the woman an opportunity to decide whether she is “in favor” of giving marriage licenses to homosexual couples—implying that it would expand gay rights. But R-71 would do the opposite by repealing a bill that gives registered gay couples more rights. “She told me she was in favor of same sex marriage licenses,” Mason says about his conversation with the woman after she signed the petition. "I don't think she would have signed it" if she had known, he says.

Even if the woman opposed gay marriage, the petitioner is also lying when he says that the measure applies to giving "homosexual couples legal marriage licenses." R-71 concerns only domestic partnerships, not “marriage.” Then he further embellishes his lie by claiming that the measure is not just about "the same rights as married people, but marriage licenses, too"—which is also the opposite of what domestic partnerships are: the rights of marriage without marriage licenses. Mason says the man, who refused to give his name, gathered many signatures yesterday using this technique.

But the burn is (probably) on the bigots. They have made this a referendum on gay marriage, and they're still probably going to fail to get on ballot.

Signatures are due tomorrow. If R-71 sponsors fail to turn in the required 120,577 signatures, the domestic partnership law will go into effect on Sunday. If they turn in more, the Secretary of State's Office will determine if there are enough valid signatures in the next two weeks. Assuming the petitions fails, David Ammons, spokesman for the Secretary of State's Office, says, "Our department runs the domestic-partnership registry, and they are preparing to update the website to inform [registered partners] of their added rights."